Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2012

How to Get Start Menu Back in Windows 8

You won’t able to see the classic start menu along with start button in next generation of Windows operating system, Microsoft Windows 8. However, if you do not like such metro-style full screen start screen, then there is a solution that will tell you how to get the classic start menu back in Windows 8.

You have to create a Start Menu Toolbar.

Microsoft Windows always comes with the feature of start menu toolbar. This feature shows the folder’s contents on the taskbar. That means you don’t need to install any third party software application in order to create start menu toolbar on Microsoft Windows 8. Just you need to create a toolbar that will show folder contents’ of start menu’s programs.

You can create by simply right clicking on your taskbar, point to toolbars, and then select the new toolbar. Same has been shown in the below screenshots.

Then you need to copy the following path and then paste the same into a folder window. I am showing the same into the below screenshots for your convenience and ease.

“%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs”

As shown in the below screenshot, you need to click on the button Select folder. So, you will get the programs menu on your taskbar.

Now you need to right click n the taskbar and simply uncheck the option Lock the taskbar. This should be done when you wish to move the new programs menu around. It is shown in the below screen image.

Now simply drag and drop the grip just on the left side of the toolbar in order to place it other than taskbar. It could be placed at the left side just like the classic / traditional start menu’s location. It is exactly shown in the below screen image.

Now, simply right click on the Programs if you are looking to hide or amend its name. After you have done with this, just right click on the taskbar and simply click on the lock the taskbar.

However, there is an issue with this technique that it will not show all of your programs. Because of the fact that the start menu simply gets the shortcuts from two types of locations or places. There is a program folder the below file location, as it sets according to single user. It is in addition to the program data system wide location. You can also see in the below screenshot.

%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

You can also see the shortcut on behalf of Windows Defender and other shortcuts look like not appearing in our toolbar menu that we have created in this tutorial.

However, you can still create another toolbar in order to list other programs from this folder or you can still move some shortcuts from the following location.

%AppData% location to the %ProgramData% location.

You can utilize another option to create a folder on behalf of various programs shortcuts. This toolbar points at the programs folder.

Install ViStart, a Third-Party Start Button

Basically, the ViStart is working as a third party application on behalf of start button replacement or alternative. Originally, it was designed to include in windows XP just like windows 7 style. Therefore, it will also work on windows 8.

You may decline the installation of other software while installing ViStart. Screen shot suggesting the same.

After having finishing off the installation process, you will be able to see the windows 7 style start button on your taskbar at the left side. You can also see in the below image.

Now, just click on at that as shown in the below screen image, you will able to see the traditional classic start menu. Everything works like you are expecting. However, it will show the most recently used applications as well.

Now you need to right click on the ViStart system tray icon and choose options if you really wish to configure it.

You can also find the options for changing your default web browser, client, email, and other programs settings.

Lastly, you can still able to open the start screen by simply moving your mouse cursor to the very bottom left side of your screen.


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