Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2012

How to insert video in word 2010 document

How to embed video or audio in word 2010 document:

If you want to e-mail a video/audio as an attachment in a company environment, there is a possibility that your e-mail may be blocked because Email server will consider this attached file as a threat. There is one possible solution for this, that you send this file after embedding it in a word document.

There are 2 ways to insert a movie/audio into a word document

1-                   Insert a movie/audio of your own

2-                   Insert a movie from Clip Organizer

In few steps you will see how you can embed a video or audio file in M.S word 2010 of your own.  For this you have to perform the following steps:

Run the M.S word application and from the menu click on “insert” tab and from the ribbon select the option of “object” as highlighted in the below screen shot:

When you click the object option it will offer 2 options and from that options click the “object”, as the below screen shot:

Now a dialogue box will appear, and you have to click the “Create from file” tab, and then click on “browse” button which will let you to select the file from the desired location. After file selected, check on the two options “Link to file” and “Display as icon” and then click the “ok” button to embed the video in word as per the below image:

After file been added into your document it will appear as an icon with a name of the file as the following image highlights; if you want to open that file you just have to double click the icon:

Now it’s safe to e-mail this document in which a video/audio file has been embedded. When the recipient of this file wants to download the attached video/audio he has to right click the mouse button to “copy” this object and then again right click to “paste” this at the desired folder. Now he can play the file from his/her computer.


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  1. Val Smith says:

    Can this be done on a Mac (eg Mac OS X 10.5.8)?


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