Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2012

How To Install Android On Your Windows Mobile Phone

At one point or another, Windows phone users may have wished to use an Android phone. The lack of apps and limitations in other features gives a Windows phone users the urge to have an Android phone so that they can make the most out of their phones but the good news is that you do not need to sell your Windows phone in order to buy an Android phone because now you run Android on your Windows phone as well.

Requirements for Installing Android on Windows Phone:

To run Android on a Windows phone you need to have a microSD card, preferably 1GB, and a supported Windows Mobile Phone. Make sure that your memory card is not SDHC. The compatibility of your microSD can be verified by checking whether it has the ‘HC’ label on it or not.

Installation procedure:

1) Now you need to back up all the important files from your microSD card and then format it in FAT32.

2) Once your memory card is formatted, now you need to download the Android port and the Android version which you wish to run on your Windows phone. This step needs a little research because you will have to find and download an Android port which works on your Windows Mobile Phone and is compatible with the version of Android which you want to run on your Windows phone. Usually the ports available online are 1.6 and 2.1. After downloading the Android version and port, you will extract the files.

3) In the extracted files you will find a folder named as ‘andboot’ containing a subfolder called ‘startup config’ or ‘startup’. In this subfolder you will have to find the appropriate ‘startup.txt file’ for your Windows Mobile Phone. Once you have found the right startup.txt file, copy it and paste it in the ‘andboot’ folder. Choosing the right startup.txt files is very essential because it has all the important information regarding your Windows mobile, such as its RAM size, hardware details, screen size etc.

4) After copying the text file into the root folder, you will copy the entire ‘andboot’ folder into the microSD card  which you formatted. Next you will insert the memory card into your phone and open the ‘andboot’ folder using your phone’s file browser.

Now if you chose the right startup.txt file, you will be able to execute the ‘haret.exe’ file situated in the ‘andboot’ folder. Then the loading will begin and your Windows phone will switch off, and when it turns on, you will be using the Android version that you would have selected.

5) The first time you boot your Windows mobile, it might take  longer as it runs the Android for the first time but after that, the rebooting will take the usual time. Moreover, once the phone starts, it will guide you through settings and will sync information. After that, Android is ready and now you may install all the applications that you had desired of. Enjoy!!

Every time you restart your Mobile Phone, you will be asked whether you want to boot Windows Mobile or boot from your microSD card. Choose microSD if you want to run Android.

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  1. shokat says:

    Can you please provide a link to download Android port and the Android version. I did not find them on the web.


  2. Rakesh says:

    here nokia lumia 610 has not supporting externa micro sd card .Then how can i upgrade my windows phone to android.

  3. can u install my nokia c5 into android be comfatible using my phone

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