Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2012

How to Install beta Mac App Store Apps

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Over the years apple app store has greatly proliferated, and it is estimated that apple has the largest number of apps on its store followed by android. With these apps we can greatly customize our apple products. Whether we love playing games or we want apps that can manage our office and business work more efficiently, apps are there to help you out in every way possible. And over the years with the advent of the smart phones, the trend of downloading apps has seen a sharp increase, now companies have dedicated app developers just to have more user bank for their band.

Before you start testing of your beta testing of IOS app, it is necessary for you to install and get to know about the procedure to install the companion Mac app store beta version, and also the accompanying provisioning profiles as well. However, if you have given the developer the correct and proper hardware for your, universally unique identifier (UIID) for your Mac app, the whole process then gets relatively simple and easy to understand. In fact, it becomes almost similar to installing IOS beta software to apple products like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To install beta Mac App store apps and provisioning profiles, follow the simple procedure illustrated below:

Step 1) First of all downloads the desired file on your Mac.

Step 2) if the file is compressed and zipped. Simply, unzip the file.

Steps 3) now double click on the provision profile file to open it.

Step 4) a new file with name ‘System Preferences’ will launch.

Step 5) after the system preferences file is launched, it will ask for your admin password, enter it
to proceed.

Step 6) now after entering the password, your provisioning file, should appear in your profiles.

With every day more and more apps are being developed and are uploaded by the users. Now it is quite common to find same apps for your iPhone, iPad or Mac versions. Apple gives the liberty for iPhone and iPad users to develop ad-hoc versions of the apps; similarly, you can also develop ad-hoc versions for Mac App Store apps for beta testing purpose.
After getting done with the above mentioned steps, all you have to do is to follow two steps procedure to install binary, which are given below:

Step 1) First of if you are using any older version of the app, it is better recommended that you should get rid of it and delete it, this is for your own safety.

Step 2) now after deleting it, simply drag the beta file in your application folder.

That’s it, as easy it looks like, and you are ready to go with your beta apps. If you have
any problems then contact with the developer. If you still have some problems, you
might need to delete old previously installed files. Further, you might need to do some
configuration to get the apps running properly.

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