Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2012

how to install windows xp on pc

let us explore how we can install the Windows XP professional on our PC with the help of Windows XP CD and a valid product key. Now perform the following steps to complete the installation process:

  1. Insert the Windows XP CD in the CD / DVD Rom.
  2. Make sure your Computer’s BIOS is configured to boot from the CD drive, for this you must have to change the boot sequence from hard drive or floppy disk to CD drive. You can do this change by pressing F2 or Delete key while you restart your computer.
  3. After that sequence change, your computer restart again and following message appears on your screen “Press any key to boot from CD”, so press any key to start from the CD.
  4. A message will appear that “setup is inspecting your computer hardware, and then it will copy files.
  5. After that following screen will appear and press enter to continue, because we want to install a fresh Windows XP.

6.   After that Windows license screen will appear then press F8 to agree and continue.

7.  At that point, if you have the existing XP installed on our PC, then setup will give the option of repairing it, but as we want fresh      installation then press the ESC button and continue.

8. Now it will show us the partitions of our hard disk, now select the drive where you want to install the XP, if you selected a partition where already XP installed then Delete this installed XP by pressing the D button and then confirm it with the L button.

9. Now format the partition, and setup will copy files and restart your computer now don’t press any key to boot from the CD drive.

10. Now Windows will start installion and following screen will appear

11. After few minutes setup will ask some input like select your region, language and then your name and organization.

12. After that it will ask 25 character code of your product then enter this code, like the following screen:

13. Now setup will ask you about your computer name that could be anything and click next. Then it will ask you to select the time zone.  After sometime it will ask you about your network setting click on typical setting and press next.

14. Now setup will save setting and completes the installation, after that Windows will start.




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