Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2013

How to Manage Skype Conference Call on iPad

With the advent of advanced portable communication devices like iPad and iPhone etc, it has become much easier to reach out to a large number of people simultaneously with the help of software applications like Skype. The portability of iPad makes it much convenient for people to make a Skype call anywhere and anytime they want and even to participate in Skype conference call. Although iPad can be used to participate in Skype conference calling if invited by somebody, but unfortunately iPad Skype does not have the feature of making a conference call, that is to say you cannot invite more than one person at the same time for talking. In addition to this, participating in Skype conference call is only possible for voice calls and not video calls. So, if someone is making Skype video call on iPad he or she cannot take part in Skype video conference call invited by others. Process of participating in audio Skype conference call on iPad is much easier which can be carried out in the following easy steps.

Step1– The foremost thing is to install Skype app from app strore.

Step2– Click on the Skype icon and log-in to the Skype account. Same user name and password will be used as used for logging in to Skype account for PC Skype.

Step3-   Make audio call to the desired person on the contact list, it is essential that the person you are calling to be online.

Step4–  In order to participate in a conference call; accept the invitation for conference call from the calling party.

Step5– For ending a call just click on the “End Call” option.

The unavailability of the feature to initiate a conference call on iPad Skype makes both Skype and iPad not a desirable option for roaming join calls. This feature of making a conference call lacks even in the latest version of iPad Skype but on increased persistent demand of iPad users Microsoft is working on developing this feature and hopefully will be available soon.


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