Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2012

How to print emails, web pages, and photos from PDFs on iPhone or iPad

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Are you looking for an app that can help you convert photos from camera roll, emails, web pages, email attachments on your iPad or iPhone to PDF format, so that these can be easily printed for your use? Then try this app to print all types of files or images.

Printing photos , emails and webpages from pdf  in iPhone and iPad

Print to PDF App

Print to PDF is an app for iPhone and iPad that is available worldwide for printing emails, web pages and photos from PDFs. When you are using Apple’s built-in printing feature, this app adds “print to PDF” as a printer. Make sure “Print to PDF” is running in the background.

Multiple devices with Wi-Fi

If you have several devices that have “Print to PDF” installed on them and are connected to Wi-Fi can also be used. You can print emails, web pages, docs, email attachments, photos and files from any of the devices among them.

1.  print email content or web page from safari:

a. Open your mail or safari app, select all text or image and copy to clipboard.

b. Press “Paste file(s) from clipboard” button on the bottom bar.

c. Open the added file (.web archive) to print.

2. To print document from dropbox or email attachments:

a. Tap on “Open In…”

b. Select “Print to PDF” in the list.

c. Open the added file to print.

Files supported

“Print to PDF ” can be used to print all types of docs including Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents, iWork at GoogleDocs. Besides, there is Wi-Fi file transfer and USB file transfer. There is another option of generating docs such as PDF title, author name, subject and password.

PDF from Mail, Dropbox, RoddleDocs, MobileMe, GoogleDocs and other cloud storage apps are supported by “Print to PDF”.

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