Published On: Sat, Apr 28th, 2012

How to protect privacy on iphone 4s by turning off GPS location for photos

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Through Geo-location you can keep a record of those places where you have been taking photos during travel. In case, your iPhone is misplaced, it can pose serious threat to your privacy if someone tracks your location through online photos. It’s really important to turn off GPS geo-location to protect your privacy.

Turning off GPS geo-location on your iPhone

1. Select location for camera app when it is launched. If it is not needed, it can be deselected. It will turn off the app.

2. Open “Settings” and tap “Location Services”. Tap “OFF” button against Camera to turn it off.

To remove already taken photos with your iPhone, you must completely wipe them before posting anywhere. Follow these steps:

1. Open “Photos” and find the specific picture that you wish to share.

2. Take screen shot of it. Open “Screen Shot” and share its screen shot instead of sharing full picture. These shots are of suitable sizes to be shared on any social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter or others you are using.

The image that you have chosen for sharing, make sure you have not shared its GPS coordinates for your location. This way, it will not harm you if your iPhone goes into the hands of a mischievous person.

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