Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2012

How to Publish Tweets to Facebook page

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These days Twitter and Facebook are the two main contenders in the social network arena. Both have huge number of users. While Facebook allows you to interact with your friends and family, share your life events, photos, chat, video chat, like pages and much more. Twitter on the other hand is more like a micro blog, where you send short text messages not more than 140 characters. As you get popular on it, you start gaining more and more followers. Popular celebrities use Twitter more often since this allows them to interact with their fans directly and give news and updates directly to them.

However, if you are active on both networks, and by being active we mean that you spend a considerable amount of time on these sites daily. Or if you have a brand or business page on both networks, then communicating and updating might be cumbersome with you. You have to use both accounts separately just to do the same thing.

Thankfully now there is a way by which you can synchronize both of your accounts at Twitter and Facebook and update messages from a single a platform. It takes away the hassle of using two accounts and all that process of signing in and signing out. In the following paragraphs, you’ll read step by step instructions to help you publish tweets to Facebook page or vice versa.

Publishing Tweets to Facebook Page and Vice Versa

1-First of all, in your Facebook page, search the app “Selective Tweets”.

Then click ‘Add to my page’ link.

2-Now, a popup window will appear. Select the page you wish to add by clicking on ‘Add to page’.

3-After this, return to your business or fan page you selected in step 3 and click on ‘Edit page’ button.

4-Now on the left of the screen you’ll see the ‘Apps’ link. Click on it to see the installed Apps screen.

Now you’ll see number of apps you have installed. Click on the “Go app” link below the Selective Tweet app you added in step 2.

5-Here now you’ll see is the Selective Tweets status screen. From here you can synchronize your twitter profile and update status from both Facebook and Twitter. For doing this, click on the tab ‘your fan pages’ and in the field shown below, enter your Twitter username. Then click on ‘Grant permission’.

6-The Selective Tweets app will ask your permission to access your facebook account, click on ‘allow’ and then click on ‘save’ to save the changes you made.

You’ll see a confirmation screen too.

And now you are ready to go and start Tweeting from Twitter account directly to your Facebook page. All you have to do now is, whenever you enter a Tweet be sure to add the tag “#fb” without any quotes at the end of your tweet.



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