Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2012

How to purchase apps and games on iPad 3

Purchasing apps on ipad 3

Your new iPad can be loaded with as much useful and amusing stuff as you would like. There are thousands of apps to enjoy and make this tablet computer your most valuable assistant and a friendly entertainer. This slim gadget can be easily customized to suit your particular requirements and choices. But you must have complete know-how to get full advantage. For downloading any game from the App Store You must have iTunes Store account.

There is specific procedure to get apps and games on iPad 3.

1. Getting started with the App Store

From home screen of your iPad, tap “App Store”. Now press “Search” option and in search bar enter name of the game you wish to buy. Another way is to select “Categories” and tap “Games”. It will show list of all games and you can choose one or more from there.

2. How to select a specific app or game

Select the game that you want to buy or get for free. A tab against every game shows its price. Tap that icon. Enter iTunes login details, i.e. username and password after purchase is confirmed. Tap the app or game twice to install it.

You can also view user ratings to determine popularity of each app.

3. Downloading the chosen app or game

Wait for a while and the iPad will start downloading game automatically.

Before downloading any game, it is better to read its description, user ratings and reviews. It will help you decide which one is better than the other. Don’t forget to check specific requirements in advance. Information page is important for the iPad user.

4. Locating the app in your iPad 3

After installation is done, a new icon will automatically appear on home screen on your iPad. Tap that icon to open the game or app and enjoy.

Important points to consider

There are some specifications about apps and games you download on your iPad. Some games that have been specifically created for iPad usually have “for iPad’ or “HD” mentioned in it. Games which are larger in size more than 20 mb cannot be downloaded on iPad using a 3G connection. For that you will have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. When broadband disconnects, download will be paused. It will be resumed back once network is re-connected. Therefore, you don’t need to fret over the issue of being started from the scratch again.

Most apps and games that are compatible with iPad or iPad 2 will also work fine in new iPad 3. These will work even faster and better in your new iPad. This means all old apps and games can work properly in your new iPad. Therefore, you can download these confidently.

Looking for the best apps and games

To find out the best apps and games read user ratings and different articles, forum posts and reviews. Some of the best apps and games are Facetime, iPhoto, Infinity Blade Dungeons, Sky Gamblers and many others. It depends upon your personal preference.


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