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How to record macros in Microsoft Word 2010

How to record macros in word 2010 document?

If you want to get your repetitive work done in a faster & quicker way then Microsoft macro is a solution. Macro can automate series of actions which you perform repeatedly, with a single command by recording and running it. Macro groups your different commonly used tasks which you can use in other documents with a single click. With the help of macros you don’t need to perform the same actions in a document.

Suppose you want to change a formatting of a text in a document, and you have to repeat this same step in every other document then macro is best option for it.

First run the Microsoft Word and open a document in which you want to change the formatting. Now before you start formatting , you have to start macro recording as below.

word 2010 macro

Then you have to name your macro where no space and special characters are allowed then you can assign a keyboard shortcut to this macro which will work as a hotkey which is optional. Now you have to store this macro as an “All Documents” so you can access this macro in all other documents as well, as the below image shows:


When you click on the keyboard button in the above set following window will appear where you can assign different key combination to run this macro from the keyboard as the following screen shows:

microsoft word 2010

When you click on start recording your cursor will show a tape recorder like image which means that recording is started  and  now  your formatting will be recorded.

ms word 2010

When the entire formatting has been completed then click on the stop button as following image shows:

ms word

Now when you want to apply the formatting on new document as per the saved macro formatting,  just open the new document which required changes:

recording macro in word 2010

You can run the saved macro through the run macro button or also from the hotkey you assigned while you were named the macro. After executing the macro all the required changes will be applied in the new document instantly like the “macro” word has been changed with the “new macro” word and it’s bold now:

recording macro in ms word

This is a macro enabled document and you should save this new document as a “world macro enabled template” while saving this document.

how to record a macro



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