Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2013

How To Secure Your Android Devices From Being Hacked

Nothing can be more shocking than finding your intimate pictures, videos, texts, mails and conversations splattered all across the internet and being viewed by a large audience. Hacking does not only invade your privacy, but it also damages your personal life and can bring drastic un-wanted changes in your life. So in order to secure yourself from all this and to make sure that you do not have to face any sort of humiliation or exploitation of your personal stuff, you need to take a few safety measures.

Adopting a protective mind set: Usually it is our closed ones or ones which were once close to us who try to hack into our phones so to protect your phone from that you need to keep your phone password protected all the time. The latest android phones have various security options to password protect your phone. Secondly you should also place passwords on your gallery, contacts, mail, messages etc. you can find a number of applications on the Google Play which allow you to place passwords on applications. The important thing is to never share your password with anyone and if you do, you should change it to a new one immediately.

Choosing the right password: You should always think of an unusual password which will be hard to guess. Avoid using sequences, birthdays, anniversaries and names. Using upper case letters as well as lower case ones and a few digits can help you achieve a strong password. E.g. “HyPNotIZed6639” another thing which is very important is that you should not use the same password for all applications and phone accounts. Changing the password regularly is also a habit which can protect your phone from getting hacked.

 Keep your Bluetooth disabled: keeping your Bluetooth enabled all the time is very risky as all the phones in your Bluetooth range can hack into your phone and get access to your personal data. And if you have to keep your Bluetooth enabled, make sure the discoverable mode is disabled. It is due to the fear of hacking that when you switch on your Bluetooth and make I discoverable, the mode is enabled for only 120 seconds.

Three most popular apps which help you secure your Android devices:

  1. Avast Free Mobile Security: It includes features like call and SMS filtering and privacy reports. It also notifies you when SIM card is changed. The application also provides firewall and application management.
  2. Norton Mobile Security Beta: It is an anti-virus which protects your device from all kinds of viruses. It also acts as a security expert and an anti-malware. So it protects all your personal and confidential data.
  3. Lookout Security & Antivirus: It is one of the most widely used applications on Android devices. It scans your device for viruses, secures it from malware, and keeps your data protected. It also allows you to keep a back up of your data online and restore it from there too. Moreover, in case your phone gets misplaced or stolen, you can use GPS to locate your phone’s position as this application keeps your phone connected to the internet.


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