Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2012

How to Setup Expiry Date on Email Messages in Outlook 2010

You can set up expiry date for individual email messages, as Outlook 2010 comes with the functionality of allowing users to set expiry date on email messages. Therefore, for professional users, it is said to be a very handy feature. By using this feature, whenever anyone opens the expired message, he or she will be notified regarding that this particular message is not valid anymore, as it is already expired.

However, this feature can be used in big corporate environments. In case of an expiry date set on email messages send to recipients using Yahoo, Gmail and other email services will not be expired. Therefore, it will be working in the corporate environments.

Here you will learn how to setup the expiry date on the email messages on Outlook 2010.

1) You need to create an email message and then click on the options tab of the new email message window. Then move on the tracking section and click on the drop down arrow, as shown in the below screen shot.

2) You will be notified by a dialogue box as shown in below screen image.

3) In the section of delivery option, you need to check on the Expires after option. Then you need to mention the date and time when the email message should expire. We are showing you this in below screen shot.

Therefore, that is all! You have learned how to setup the expiry date on email messages in Outlook 2010.


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