Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2012

How to Share MS Access Data with MS Excel 2010

Sometimes you need to import data from some other applications and in different formats. In addition, you have to copy the data, edit the data, and restructure the same as well. Therefore, it is good to share the whole file, because by doing this you will save your time for editing and copying the data.

Office 2010 comes up with the functionality of importing data from other applications, such Microsoft Access 2010. Here you will learn how to share Microsoft Access data with Microsoft Excel 2010.

1)Sharing a Microsoft access table with the Excel spreadsheet, so you need to open the Microsoft Access table you need to export to Excel 2010. For this purpose you need to click on the external Data tab. At there, you can find different options for exporting data to different applications in different formats. Here we are exporting data to Microsoft Excel 2010, as suggested in below screenshot.

2)Now you to need to select the excel spreadsheet file from your local hard disk drive as shown in below image.

3)However, you have the option to save all steps you have performed while exporting data, so next time you can perform the same type of task quite easily. In case, if you need to work on similar types of documents, then saving these steps can be beneficial for you.

4)Microsoft Access data will be exported to Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet and you can start working on the same.Below screen shot suggesting you the same.

Therefore, you have successfully learned how to share Microsoft Access data with Microsoft Excel 2010.


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