Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2012

How to Share PowerPoint 2010 Presentation through the Web

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has come up with an exclusive feature named Broadcast slide show. By using this feature, you can share your PowerPoint presentation through web to some other smart phone, computer, or any other computing device with having a web browser.

How to share your presentation using PowerPoint 2010 through the web.

1) After finishing off your PowerPoint presentation, you need to go to the slide show tab and then click on the Broadcast slide show as shown in below screen shot.

2) Then you will be notified by a window. It will tell you regarding service and also you need to have Windows Live User ID in order to use that service. You need to click on Start broadcast button as shown in below screen shot.

3) Your presentation will be starting to upload in order to share with other computer or smart phone device. However, this process is totally depending upon the size of your PowerPoint presentation file. Therefore, it will take some time in case of your presentation file has larger file size. We are showing you in below screen shot.

4) Then you will see a window providing you the link to broadcast your presentation. You can find two options, whether to copy the link or send it through email. Find it below in the screen image.

5) After you have finished off sending your link, you will be able to see a warning message box. It will tell you that you can’t make any changes or amendments to your PowerPoint presentation while broadcasting it. However, you can have the option to “End Broadcast”, as shown in below screen shot.

6) Now, receivers or viewers to whom you have sent the link via instant messaging or email need to click on the link as shown below.

7) Then the browser will open the presentation, as you will be navigating through the same. We have shown the same in below screen shot.

8) Viewers of the presentation have the option to watch the presentation in full screen mode as shown below:-

9) After watching presentation, viewers can see a black side that will intimate them about the broadcast has been ended. We are showing you in below screen image.

So far, this has been a great addition in PowerPoint 2010. Therefore, you have learned how to share your presentation using PowerPoint 2010.


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