Published On: Sun, Jul 15th, 2012

How To Stream Your iDevice Music Library to PS3 and Xbox 360

Music plays an important role while playing on our favourite gaming consoles. At one point or another, we have all wished to use our console as a jukebox to play our favourite music in the background while we are indulged in some serious gaming sessions. Apple TV is a perfect solution to this problem. Apple TV is basically a media receiver designed by the Apple Inc. which can be connected to your TV and it streams your digital media from your iDevice. Apple TV allows you to play your music and view pictures and videos from your iDevice on to your television screen. But for those gamers who do not own an Apple TV; AirMusic is just the perfect application. AirMusic allows Apple users to stream their iDevice Music library to their PlayStation and/or Xbox and double the fun of playing their favourite games by listening to their favourite music in the background as well.

Instructions for streaming idevice music library to ps3 and xbox 360:

1 – First of all you would have to download and install AirMusic on your iDevice via iTunes. The price for AirMusic is $2.99 whether you download it for your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad.

2 – Turn on “Music Sharing” on your iDevice.

3 – Now connect your iDevice to the WiFi network. Make sure that your iDevice is connected to the same WiFi network as your PS3 or Xbox.

4 – Once it is connected to the same WiFi network as your gaming console, start AirMusic on your iDevice.

5 – If you are trying to stream your iDevice’s Music Library on an Xbox, you would need to turn it on, go into the Music library and select your iDevice from the list on the screen. And if you want to stream the music on a PS3, you would have to turn it on, navigate to the PlayStation’s Music Note and select your iDevice from the given list on the screen.

After you select your iDevice from the list, you can easily stream all your music files from your iDevice and play your favourite music while you use your PS3 and/or Xbox.

A few important things which need to be kept in mind are as follow:

Your iDevice (whether it is an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad) needs to have at least 50MB free disk space for AirMusic to work effectively and efficiently.

Only the new iTunes DRM free purchases are compatible with AirMusic. All the old DRM songs purchased for free on iTunes will not be compatible with AirMusic.

AirMusic might take a few seconds before the audio starts playing on Xbox 360, so be patient and do not panic if the audio does not start immediately.

AirMusic is not only restricted to streaming your iDevice’s music library to a PS3 or an Xbox, but it can also stream your audio files to your PC running on Windows Vista or Windows 7. You just need to open your Windows Media Player and you will find your iDevice under the “Other libraries” category.
Note: On PC, AirMusic only works with Windows Media Player.


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