Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2012

How to sync unread tweets between iPhone and iPad

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps for just about everything. The one you need, Is it hard to find? No. the one you know just have to be there. We’re going to make things interesting for you. Instead of recommending a specific app, we are going to show you a service that can be used between multiple apps.

How Tweet Marker Works

Tweet Marker is a web provision that marks you last read tweet. As long as you have the service set up on at least two different twitter clients, you can jump easily between the two apps without losing place of which tweet you read last. Just permit the features in the apps settings, and your good to go!’’

Here is a list of Twitter apps that support Tweet Marker:

Tweet Speaker (iPhone) [$0.99]

Twittelator Neue (iPhone) [$1.99]

Tweet Library (iPad) [$9.99 ]

Tweetlogix (iPhone) [$1.99]

Tweetbot (iPhone) [$2.99 ]

Twitterrific (iPhone, iPad) [Free]

Tweetings (iPhone) [$2.99 ] (iPad) [$3.99 ]

Note: – Twitterrific also has a mac version for $4.99 that supports Tweet Marker.

Turn on Tweet Marker in Twitterrific’s settings to have your timeline reading position synced across all areas. You can the choice of choosing from a simple display from marker or automatically scroll to its position on restore.

Tweet Marker is a successful, cross-platform web service for syncing the reading position between several Twitter clients.

Here’s how it works:

Use one of 17 popular Twitter apps to read through tweets.

Close the app. Your position is robotically saved to Tweet Marker.

Begin another Twitter app. The scroll position is synced to where you left off.

Check your account settings to enable support for Tweet Marker on each device. Most apps sync the timeline and mentions, and some apps sync lists and searches too.

If you subscribe to Tweet Marker Plus..
For $2/month you’ll get these additional features:

Web-based timeline that considers your reading position from Tweet Marker-compatible apps.

Connect any tweet to set its marker and sync it back to other apps.

Searchable archive of your tweets and tweets from your friends.

Saved filters to quickly switch between search results.

Adding to the numerous paid only features it unsurprisingly includes the essential feature of the service’s free embodiment: it makes note of the last tweet you read, so that you do hop between devices (like your Mac and your iPhone) or aps like Twitterrific and Tweetbot, you shouldn’t need to scroll through hundreds of tweets you already saw.

Obviously, to take full advantage of Tweet marker’s pavilion feature, you will need the use of several Twitter clients that participate with the service: among them are the aforesaid Twitterrific and Tweetbot , Osfoora and Twittelator Neue

Tweet Marker Plus adds diversity of extra features to this basic offering, most prominently a Web-based Twitter timeline that, of course, syncs with your last reading position as recorded in a Tweet Marker- compatible app. Clicking on a tweet in the web timeline instantly sets a marker on it. An item Tweet Marker compatible clients really ought to add post haste.

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