Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2012

How to Take Screen Shots in Word 2010 Document

Word 2010 came up with the facility of taking screenshots and directly pastes them into your word documents. Here you can find simple steps towards how to take screenshots with word 2010.

Steps for Taking Screen Shorts Within the Word 2010 Document

1) You need to click on the insert tab right on the ribbon, and then click on the screenshot option. You will be promoted with all active screenshots available on your desktop screen. Although, you have the option to take your own screenshot by just clicking on the screen clipping.

2) Here I have selected a picture of Google Chrome that was just open on my desktop. This screenshot directly inserted in the word document. You can open the picture tools tab in order to edit the screenshot if you wish to do.

3) You can select screen clipping, if you wish to take some unique spot on your desktop screen.

4) You can found a crystal clear haze covering your desktop screen; you can navigate the particular area you want to take shot. Then you need to hold down the left mouse click and then highlight the area.

5) The selected spot will be placed in your word document simultaneously. You can carry on with the editing if needed.

So, this is considered to be very handy feature that will enable you to create documents much quicker in Microsoft word 2010. You have successfully learned how to take screenshots with word 2010.

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