Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2012

How to trace a lost iPhone with the help of iCloud

As the number of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users growing the cases of misplacing or stealing these gadgets are increasing. So this is not only a case of gadget being lost but also your personal data, pictures, contacts, and other private information saved on it. To trace your iPhone, Apple has included an App called “Find My iPhone”:

  • Which allows you to trace your device on map
  • You can send a message to display the owner’s details
  • You can play a sound for 2 Minutes to help you trace it
  • You can set a pass code lock remotely
  • You can also initiate a “remote wipe” to delete your personal data.

The good thing about this app is that it automatically syncs all the devices which are connected with iCloud, let say if you add a contact in your iPhone it will also be available to your iPod, iPad which are connected wirelessly with iCloud.

When you run this app through your iPhone or through iCloud website, it will show the list of all the devices you have connected with the iCloud account and try to locate those devices which are online. All other devices which are OFF or not connected with the internet will show a red sign means they are not locatable right now.

Now perform the following Steps to activate the “Find My iPhone” app:

Step 1: First you have to setup your iCloud account, which you can do when first time you activate your new device and if you have not completed this activation process at that time you can select setting à iCloud and click on “Use iCloud”:

Step 2: Now click on setting of iCloud to On/Off the different iCloud services that you want to backup as the following screen shows:

Step 3: After setting the iCloud account and attaching all the devices with it, you can view the all items attached with your iCloud account as the following screen shows:

Step 4: Now suppose if your device has been lost you can trace your devices while using the “Find My iPhone” app and can perform the following task like trace your Phone through map or you can send message or play sound, or lock your Phone:

This is how you can trace your iPhone.


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  1. SG says:

    I know that i-cloud can help you but always remember free services are limited in every case. So i recommend you to use any mobile spy software to monitor every activity of cell phone including geo location.

  2. kizzy tibbs says:

    locked sim help to unlocked my sim card

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