Published On: Sun, Jul 8th, 2012

How To Transfer A Bundle of PDF Files To Your iDevice Using iTunes

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At some point or another, we all have felt the need of transferring a bundle of PDF files to our devices but have failed to do so. Transferring a few files is easy as they can be downloaded from the internet or can be sent on our email address from PCs and then downloaded on our devices through “Mail” application, but when it comes to transferring a bundle of files, chapters of a book for instance, or any other PDF files, it has always been a problem. A number of students prepare for their IELTS, Toefl, GRE or GMAT exam online because the entire preparation material is available online, in PDF files, but transferring those 100+ files to an iDevice by attaching the files through your PC and then downloading them on the iDevice and sorting them is nothing but a hassle.

Here we will tell you how to transfer a bundle of PDF files, no matter what the size is, to your iDevice within few moments using iTunes.

1-First you need to download all the PDF files which you need to transfer to your iDevice.

2- You need to be sure of the folder where the PDF files are located in your PC.

3- Open iTunes.

4- From the Menu bar, click on file and select “Add File to Library…” or you can also use the shortcut keys “ctrl” and “o”

5-A dialog box will appear. Now you have to go to the destination folder where all the PDF files have been stored.

6-Select the PDF files you want to transfer to your iDevice. (Multiple files can be selected)

7-The selected files will now appear in the “Books” category under the “LIBRARY.”

8- Now you need to connect your iDevice to your PC.

9- Click on “Books” under the “DEVICES” heading.

Note: If you do not find “Books” under the DEVICES category, you will have to install iBooks on your iDevice. iBooks can be downloaded from the App store or you can even install it by clicking on the “Apps” tab, find iBooks in the list, check it, click on Apply and sync your iDevice. And if you do not find iBooks in the Apps tab, you will have to download it from App Store in your iDevice. Once iBooks is installed, you will see the “Books” tab under the DEVICES category and you are ready to go on to the next step.

10- Go back to the “Books” tab under the LIBRARY category and select the PDF files you want to transfer to your iDevice.

11- Now drag the selected files from the “Books” of LIBRARY and drop them to the “Books” of DEVICES category.

12- iTunes will update the files on your iDevice and then will copy them.

13- Once the iTunes is done with the process, you will find your PDF files in the “Books” tab of the DEVICES category.

14- Just sync your iDevice and disconnect it.

15-Find the “iBooks” icon on your iDevice, open it and click on “Books” tab at the top menu bar, now select “PDF” and all the PDF files on your iDevice will be shown.

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