Published On: Sun, May 13th, 2012

How to Transfer Data From Blackberry, Android to an iPhone 4S

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Want to switch to iPhone 4S from your Blackberry, Android or Web OS and have no idea about how to transfer your important data like pictures, movies, apps, or docs to the new iPhone? Try these simple tips and you will see it’s not a headache, but as easy as ABC. Instead of downloading your favorite stuff again in new iPhone, it’s much better to push your required data from the old phone. It will not only save time and money but also your energy.

Two ways of data transfer

You can transfer data in two simple ways, one is desktop sync through iTunes and the other is cloud sync via Google Sync, Yahoo and Exchange.


If you are already using iTunes on Windows PC or Mac computers it’s quite easy and simple to transfer all important data to new iPhone. Here are guidelines:

1. Plug in dock cable to the iPhone and in your PC to connect both of these. The iPhone will show in iTunes.

2. Now go through tabs and choose media such as Photos, files or movies you want to synchronize. Press “Sync” and then wait for a while. It will start the process.

If you have an iPod or iPod Touch, you can easily sync multiple iOS devices with one iTunes library or set up multiple iTunes libraries. It will keep things tidy and well-organized. You can put different categories in various libraries to make sure these are stored and found conveniently.

 Google Sync

Alternately, you can also use Gmail or Google Sync to transfer data from Blackberry, Android, iOS devices to your new iPhone. If you are already using Gmail or Google Account to sync your mail contacts, calendars, this process is simpler than you think. Just make sure that you have properly synchronized your current Android, Blackberry or iOS. Follow these few steps:

1. On your new iPhone, tap “Settings” and then on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. You will need to add new account to your iPhone. Tap “New Account” and then on “Gmail” option.

If you want full push, you can set Gmail as Exchange as well. For setting up this way, you must visit Google’s Exchange Page for getting complete guidance about how to perform this task.

2. When your account has been verified then select those items, files, videos, pictures, docs, apps or downloads that you wish to sync. For that you will have to turn those options on.

3. If you see a pop-up message about what do you want to do with the data, choose to merge data or replace your iPhone data.

When process is done, you can simply continue using Google Sync, if you like to or you can also disable it. Gmail account can be deleted or disabled as you need.

Some users find iTunes method easier than Google Sync, because the later can be a bit confusing if they have not synchronized contacts with Gmail or Google account.

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