Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2012

How to Update Jailbroken apps Through Cydia

If you own an iPhone 4s, then you definitely know what an ‘app’ is. These tiny little programs are amazingly fun and exciting to deal with and to use. There are numerous apps available on the internet, literally any kind of category you can think of; there are apps for them too. For instance, there are a lot of different educational apps for students present in every field. They help students to understand their subjects more clearly and getting the most through research. At the moment there are almost 500,000 apps present in the App store, but everyone knows that. The thing is that most of the people do not know that there are also several apps outside the Apple App store. And most of them are FREE!

An example of such app market is“CYDIA”.

But if you want to install apps from the CYDIA App store, the first thing you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone; because these apps are built for iPhones which are jail broken. There are a lot of apps available in CYDIA apple market but like other apps that are available in the Apple App store need to be updated after every month or two, similarly the apps from CYDIA also require updating. Although the process of updating apps from CYDIA is quite different from the process of Apple App Store, but it is quite simple and easy to follow too.

Much like the Apple App Store, the CYDIA app will also let you know of there are any updates available for a particular app which has been installed on your iPhone. If any updates are available in the CYDIA App Market, a red badge will appear on the CYDIA icon, and the number of updates is indicated by numbers in that badge. For example, if two updates are available, then digit ‘2’ would appear in the red badge in the CYDIA icon in your iPhone menu interface. Most of the people consider it very hard and confusing to update apps through CYDIA, but it is very simple and quite easy to achieve.

This article will take you through the necessary steps required to update your jail broken apps through CYDIA. The series of steps are discussed below:

Launch CYDIA app from your iPhone, iPod or iPad;

Then tap on the “changes” tab; then proceeds to the next step;

Search for available updates that might be present for particular app installed in your iPhone;

When you are done with all the selection of the available updates, click on the “Upgrade” button and you will be on your way on updating your jail broken app through CYDIA;

Lastly, restart your iPhone if needed or just return to your CYDIA main menu.

There you have it; all the necessary steps that you would need to update your jail-broken apps through CYDIA. Now you can enjoy all your favorite apps on your iPhone in the UPDATED version.

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