Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2012

How To Upgrade Your Existing iPhone To iPhone5 At Lowest Cost

It is pretty obvious that all the existing Apple users have an urge to upgrade their iPhones to the latest iPhone5 but only a few of them are aware of the right procedure. iPhone users who are not eligible for an upgrade, or haven’t bought their phones on a contract and have to pay a premium, find it extremely difficult to buy a new iPhone because it costs them a lot. So, we will tell you how to sell your iPhone at the best rate possible in order to upgrade to iPhone5. Therefore following are the tips to sell your iPhone at the best rate possible which would further lead to minimise the difference you will have to pay to buy the new iPhone 5.

Apple Reuse and Recycling Program:

If you have been using Apple products for some time, you will be aware of their recycling program. Apple Recycling Program proves to be the best option when it comes to selling your old iPhone to get the latest one. You just have to send your iPhone to the Apple Inc. and they will get your phone checked by PowerON to get an estimated fair market value and whatever the price is quoted by PowerON after your phone’s evaluation, it will be forwarded to you by Apple. If you find it reasonable, you can accept the deal and Apple will send you an Apple Gift Card worth the value of your phone which you can use at any Apple Store while purchasing your new iPhone 5 and the price of your old iPhone will be compensated in the new one. But if you do not like the offer, you can always sell your iPhone by other means.

Things to keep in mind before Selling old iphone:

In order to get top dollars for your iPhone, you will have to keep certain things in mind. The first of them is that your iPhone has to be in an extraordinary condition. Front and back protectors help you protect your iPhone from all kinds of scratches.

Secondly, you need to think of all the things that you would have demanded if you were buying a second hand iPhone e.g. warranty. No buyer would want a phone which crashes or stops working the very next day. So while you put up your iPhone for sale, you may also give a 2-3 days check warranty. Thirdly, another very basic thing is that you should update your iOS to the latest one available, jailbreak it and install the essential applications. This can really help boost your phone’s values. Now you just have to gather your accessories and find the box, and your iPhone is ready for sale.

Where To Sell an old iphone:

Now the next step is to choose the right medium to sell your iPhone. If you have a friend or family member interested to buy your old iPhone, well and good, but make sure that they do justice to your phone and pay according to its value, but if you do not wish to sell it to a friend or family member, then you can choose an online website to sell your iPhone. Amazon Trade-In Store, Gazelle,, eBay and Craigslist are a few options for you. You can put up an ad on one or a couple of sites and wait till you get a few reasonable offers and then sell your iPhone at the best offer you get.

When you put up the ad on a website, you need to take care of a few things. Firstly, you should never give your personal address in the ad. Secondly, put up some pictures of your phone so that people can see the condition. Thirdly, give your mobile number so that people can contact you as soon as they see you ad. Fourthly, meet in a public place and that too at day time. And last, but not the least, you should watch out for scam offers and emails.


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