Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2012

How to use and create a password reset disk or USB in Windows 8

It could be very frustrating for you if you have forgotten your windows log on password. However, this issue can be eliminated with help of password reset disk or USB. And now, how to create a password reset disk or USB in windows 8, let’s see how it works!

Before getting started with this tutorial, kindly note that this will only work with the local user accounts, so if you are trying to sign in with a windows live ID, then you need to reset your windows live ID password using other or alternative methods or it could be method.

How to Create a Password Reset Disk or USB

You can bring up the search page by simply pressing up the combination of Win + F keys. It will bring up the search page. Then you need to switch over to the main setting section.

Now you can search for the user accounts and then you will need to choose the very first result. Screenshot is suggesting the same.

This whole process will take you to the section of user accounts of the old style control panel. Now, here you can choose to create a password reset disk or USB flash drive. Screenshot is suggesting the same.

You will be welcome with the forgotten password wizard. But you have to make sure that the USB or disk is properly inserted before you move on to the next step. The screenshot is suggesting the same.

On the next step, you can select or choose the USB drive or disk that you are willing to be created for the password key on. Now you have click on the next button. Screen shot attached for your reference and info.

On the next move, you will be asked for your existing windows password to be entered.

That is all! You have successfully created a password reset disk or USB in Windows 8. Thus, it is very essential or important for you to secure the disk or USB at some safe place. If anyone gets an access of the same disk or USB, then your valuable information could be at stake. The below screen shot is suggesting the same that you have successfully created the disk or USB drive on behalf of password reset for windows 8.

Now Resetting Your Windows 8 Log On Password

Now, once you have created a password reset disk or USB. You can easily use it at that time when you forget your windows 8 log on password. So, whenever you have typed the wrong password, windows 8 will prompt you with “Reset password” link right below to the login box. You can see the same in the below screenshot.

At this particular point of time, you need to have your password reset disk or USB plugged into your computer drive or USB port. So, now you can go ahead and press the Reset password button. By doing this you can move on to the wizard and just click on the next button to continue further.  Screen shot showing the same.

If you are having more than one disk or USB, then you will need to select or choose the right one. Screenshot is showing the same.

Moving further, you need to type your new windows 8 log in password. In addition, a new hint is also need to enter on behalf of your new password as well.

You have finished off successfully, that is all!

Lastly, you need to store or kept your disk or USB drive to some where secured or safe place, so next time when you forget the password, it will help you in that situation.

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