Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2012

How to Use Camera Tool in Excel 2010

You should be glad to know that Excel 2010 comes up with Camera tool and by using this tool; you will be able to take snapshot of a particular portion in your datasheet. So this will allow you to place live pictures in your worksheet. In addition, you can apply colors, different styles and designs to those snapshots according to your own choice and need. Therefore, these are considered as the live images. All you need to make the Camera button to be appeared in the Excel 2010 quick access toolbar. However, by default it won’t be appearing in the quick access toolbar rather you have to bring it.

Here you will learn about how to use camera tool function in Excel 2010.

1) At the left corner of your screen, you need to click on the arrow for Customize Quick Access Toolbar. By clicking on this, you will find More Commands… option as shown in below image. You need to click on the same.

2) You will be notified with a dialog box showing excel options. You need to press drop-down button from right pane and select the Choose Commands option. This will show all commands, which Excel 2010 has built-in. as shown in below screen, show you can find Camera command in the list. In order to bring it on the quick access toolbar pane, you need to select and then click on Add (>>).

3) Click on the OK button. You will find the Camera button on Excel 2010 quick access toolbar, as shown in below screen image.

4) Now in order to use exclusive feature, you need to select the particular portion of your datasheet for which you wish to take a snapshot. After selecting your desired portion, you need to click on the Camera button.

5) Now all set to take a snapshot, you need to click on the location where you want place the snapshot.

6) Now when you click on the snapshot, you can see the picture tools appearing in the format tab, where you can select and apply different designs and styles to your image.

7) You can apply the style and design that you think best suites to your datasheet snapshot. There are many options available like 3d effects, different colors, shadowing, and rotation, etc.

8 ) The most amazing feature about camera tool is that it won’t take static images. The image you have taken with using camera took always syncs with the master table values. So on every run-time, in case you have changed the value in the datasheet, it will be reflecting in the image. How amazing it is, isn’t it? As whenever you make the changes in the datasheet, they will be reflecting in the image you have taken using camera tool. We are showing you this in the below screen shot, where we have changed the value in the table at datasheet, so the change has been reflecting in the image as well.

Therefore, you have learned about how to use camera tool function in Excel 2010. It is an excellent feature, especially for those who use to perform different analysis.

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