Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2012

How to Use Excel 2010 Data in Word Document

Excel 2010 comes up with the functionality that is helping many users to link and even they can embed different types of objects. Through OLE (object linking and embedding) technique, now you can insert data from one program to another program. In addition, you can also update the data as well. Therefore, by linking and using the OLE technique, you can easily make an updated copy.

Here you will learn about how to use Excel 2010 data in word document.

1) In order to embed and link Excel 2010 and making use of object linking and embedding technique, you need to launch Excel 2010. As you need to create an existing worksheet. In the below screen shot, we are using various information for sample purpose.

2) Here we wish to embed the desired portion of our Excel 2010 datasheet into the Microsoft word document. So in order to keep update that particular portion with the Excel 2010 datasheet, you need to copy that portion of your Excel 2010 datasheet as shown in below screen shot.

3) Now you need to open the Word 2010. Then you need to navigate to the home tab. Click on the paste drop down button and select the paste special option as shown in below screen image.

4) Now you need to select Paste link and then further select Microsoft Excel worksheet Object from the list. Then you need to click on the OK button in order to continue. We are showing you in below screenshot.

5) You will be pleased to see that your selected portion of datasheet is now been pasted in the Microsoft word document, as shown in below screen shot.

6) Now again you need to open Excel 2010 datasheet, and amend the data in the table from where you have selected and pasted particular portion of data in the word document. You will be surprised to see the changes or amendments have been reflecting in the word document as well. We are showing you both scenarios in below screen shots, as within no time at all, the changes you have done in the Excel 2010 datasheet are reflecting in the word document.

Therefore, you have successfully learned how to use Excel 2010 data in word document. You not only use the Excel 2010 data in word document, but also in case of any change in the Excel 2010 datasheet, the same has been reflecting in the word document as well. This is said to be an amazing feature that can be beneficial in various means. Especially when you are associated with some kind of profession, so you need to prepare a comprehensive memo in the form of word document. Therefore, you need to insert data from other programs like Excel datasheet. In normal circumstances, you need to type values by your own. But after reading this article, you can easily manage to embed data from other sources. Even through, the changes in the Excel datasheet will also be reflecting in the word document.


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