Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2012

How to use iTunes Music in the iCloud on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Music is a big part of our lives. We can connect with music on every emotional level. We can feel our soul gain peace on hearing music our heart desires. Expressing emotions through music is not difficult. We quite often wish to keep only a few selected songs in our IOS device music collection, to do that we keep going back to our storage i.e iCloud for music. This article will present you with a way to manage iTunes on iCloud. With your iPhone, one update from one device will automatically update all your music on your other devices too.

‘Here it goes’

1) Open up your music app

2) iCloud will show you a complete list of music that will be available if you can see the iCloud icon near the track title or album that means it is there on iCloud.

3) All you need to do is download the music by simply selecting the track or album by clicking on the iCloud icon next to the track title.

4) As soon as you tap the screen and select the music the track will individually download labels. Tapping on the screen will download that certain track straight to your device.

Note: – If you are willing to download the entire album, Just scroll down to where it states ‘’ the download’’ tap on screen to start download. Voila, the entire album will download to your device.

5) The songs which have been downloaded into your phone will no longer have the iCloud icon button next to them, as now you have it on your device you can play it anytime.

Certain things in life are sensational, but we are all human beings, getting TIRED of doing the same things consistently is in our blood. The things which we see and do every day, start to get old and boring and we end up searching for new meaning, a new purpose or a new experience
When listening to the same songs over and over again. Its same feeling we experience. We need new, better songs, something different. Perhaps introducing a new and improved artist, who promises to entertain us with a dynamic change, New improved and never heard before songs. The question is what do we do with the music we already have stored? Our devices are already full with antique choices, how do we get rid of the old songs?

How to delete music from device and leave it on iCloud..

1) first thing you want to do is to open up your music app.2) You can view the list of music already on iCloud, The iCloud icon means its already stored there. Don’t worry about losing it.
3) If there is not an iCloud icon next to the title track then the music file is only stored into you device. If you just want to remove the track from your device but not from iCloud then simply swipe right to left along the album track and the delete icon box will appear, tap on to and the iCloud icon will be visible, stating that it is safely stored on the cloud and also it is easily downloadable again.

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