Published On: Fri, May 18th, 2012

How to Use Metro Style Screen in Windows 8

If you compared windows 7 with windows 8, you won’t see much of the difference other than there is no start button. However, it is not considered to be end of the world. Because there other options available in the windows 8.

In Microsoft windows 8, the all new metro-style screen is said to be the new start menu. It posses various features of old start menu. Therefore, in many ways it is very useful if you wish not to use the metro-style application.

How to Use Metro Style Screen on windows 8

Entering the Start Screen

Hot corners are used by Microsoft windows 8. You can move your mouse pointer to the bottom left side corner of your screen, and then you will able to see the preview of your new Metro-style start screen. Below screen shot showing the same.

Now just click on the bottom left side corner in order to access the start screen. However, you might be tempting to move your mouse cursor away from the corner and click on the preview image. Nevertheless, you don’t need to do like this; you need to click on every corner. Screen image showing the same.

An issue you can face is that the hot corner doesn’t move with your taskbar. In order to access the start screen, you need to use the bottom left corner side. This is applicable in case of if your taskbar is right at the top of your display screen. I am showing the same scenario in the below screenshot.

However, you can also have the access of start screen with just a having a shortcut on behalf of your keyboard. All you need to do is click on the windows key. There is a list of new keyboard shortcuts for windows 8.

The Power User Menu

Just you need to right click on the hot corner and you will see a menu with different administrative related options. You can easily access the windows explorer, control panel, device manager, task manager, and other administrative screen options. Same has been shown in the below image.

Searching Applications

You can launch applications in windows 7 by simply pressing or clicking on the windows key on your keyboard, you can start typing the name of application and then press the enter button. However, there are some possibilities as well that you can perform the same task in Microsoft Windows 8. Just press the windows key in order to enter in the start screen and then start typing the name of the application. Windows 8 will search the installed application; it will work just like windows 7.

Displaying All the Applications

You can see all of your installed application just from the start screen. It works like just all programs feature or option in the conventional start menu. You need to right click on the start screen in order to bring up the menu. Then you need to click on all application right at the bottom of your screen.

You will able to see full applications list, both in normal windows applications and metro applications that will be appearing in your start menu. You can scroll your mouse using your mouse wheel in order to view all available applications.

Pinning up applications to the Start screen

Just right click on a particular application here you can choose the option Pin to Start. This is just like the classic start menu where you pin up an application. Below screenshot is just for your convenience.

The applications that you have just pinned will be appearing on the start screen in the form of titles. Even though, they are not supposed to be metro style applications. Screen image suggesting the same.

Just simply drag and drop the tiles in order to move them around your screen. However, if you wish to remove an application, you can simply do it by right clicking it and choose the option Unpin from start. In addition, you have the option to remove all the application from the start screen.

Pinning Apps to the Taskbar

Just like the Microsoft Windows 7, you can still able to pin applications to your taskbar. All you need to do is simply right click on the application and then choose the option Pin to taskbar option.

You can now pin up the frequently used application to your taskbar. In addition, now you will hardly leave your desktop screen in order to launch an application you want to use. Once you have pinned up enough applications to taskbar, then you will rarely use start menu.

Lastly, you can still have the option to pin another application from y our desktop to the taskbar by simply right clicking on its icon when it is running and choosing the old pin option.



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