Published On: Thu, Jun 14th, 2012

How to Use Online Data in Microsoft Excel 2010

Are you looking for using live and updated data from online resources in your Microsoft Excel 2010? Here you can learn about how to use online data in Excel 2010 spreadsheet. You can import easily data from different web resources into Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet in order to stay up-to-date.

1) You need to click on the “From Web” button in the Data tab under “Get External Data” section in order to add online data from web to your spreadsheet. We are showing you in below screen shot.

2) You need to enter the web address of that particular website from which you want to get your desired online data. So in the preview box, the page will be loaded. You need to scroll through the page in order to find out the data you want to use in your spreadsheet.

3) You can see a tiny arrow besides every web table, so you can import the same into your Excel spreadsheet. You need to click on the arrow in order to select the data then click on the “Import” button on the bottom as shown in below screen shot.

4) You will be notified by the downloading message box as shown in below screen shot, as Excel gets the table data from that particular webpage.

5) You need to select the cell where you want to place the downloaded data from webpage. Then click on Ok.

6) You can see a message in your spreadsheet that Microsoft Excel is importing data.

7) Just after few moments, you can see the web data that appears to be normal in Excel spreadsheet. You may have some unnecessary data and some extra cells. Therefore, you can eliminate the data that you do not require in your spread sheet.

8 ) Therefore, you can now easily manage the online data just like the normal Excel data. You can incorporate graphs, sparklines, functions, and formulas. The sparklines are considered to be newly added feature in Microsoft Excel 2010.

9) If you have any concerns about your data. You can refresh all of your data in the Data tab. By doing this, Excel will get the latest data from the website and updated your Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

10) If you wish to update your spreadsheet automatically with online data, then you need to click on the “properties” button under “connection” at “Data” tab.

11)You can click the “Refresh every” option and also need to enter the numbers of minutes you wish to refresh in your data. The by default value in Excel 2010 is 60 minutes. However, you can update it as per your requirement and need. You can also have the option to select when Excel can automatically update your spreadsheet data every time you open your spreadsheet. This will incorporate up-to-date data in your spreadsheet.

However, in case, you are using static data from different websites, you can turn off the background refresh feature in Excel 2010, so it will not connect the internet so often.

Therefore, you have learned how to use online data in Excel 2010 spreadsheet.




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  1. ken says:

    How do I get data(only quote price)? there no yellow arrow for me to select.

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