Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2012

How to use pinterest for weddings and parties

Pinterest is a pinboard type social photo sharing website that helps you to organize and manage theme based photos collection of different events, hobbies and interests. By using Pinterest you can share and organize all the attractive things you find on web. You can not only organize your own pinboard but it also can help you to get inspired by other people’s pinboards and share interests with them. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes, interests and hobbies.

Pinterest is helpful in weddings and events

Pinterest has definitely been beneficial in organizing ideas, color palettes and everything and related to wedding, bride, groom or many other events. Pinterest is big with the ladies and is popular for wedding planning, fashion and interior decoration and many other parties and events. Pinterest is very cool and has enormous potential as a platform to provide bright ideas about planning of different events. It is just a great place to go to see things that are interesting to you. Every time you go, you should see 50 to 100 things that hopefully are relevant or interesting to you.

Planning an event requires a lot of effort like decoration, invites, dresses and many more things. Selection of those things was very much difficult for you but not now because Pinterest has made it very convenient. Pinterest has taken the fun process of tearing photos from magazines and organizing them into binders or folders, and moved it online. From there your friends and followers can like your photos, make comments, or even edit your photos and share with their friends. Your pinboard can include color inspirations, bar decoration and drinks details & party Ideas, wedding ideas, amazing party Photos, amazing wedding photos, cakes, and baby celebrations.

Steps for using pinterest for planning weddings and events

Sign up for an account:

Firstly, sign up for an account on the pinterest website. Just click “Request an Invite” and add your email address. You will be added to a waiting list and notified when your membership is activated.

Create a board:

Next step is to create a board. You can create boards to help you plan your event such as Invitations, Gowns, Flowers, Cakes, Centerpieces, Favors, and Photo Ideas.  You can also create boards to reflect your inner beauty such as “My Style” or “My Vision Board”.

Pin photos to your board:

Now pin photos to your board. There are three ways to pin photos to your board

Copy and paste the site links.

Upload an image from your computer.

Use the “Pin It” button.

Now any time you can see a photo you love from anywhere on the web, you just click the button and the photo will automatically be pinned to the board you choose. In this way your relatives and friends can see the photos and give suggestions related to your event planning which will help you in organizing your wedding in a best way.

Start following:

Your Pinterest account can be tied to your Facebook and twitter accounts, making it easy to find and follow friends so they can see and comment on your photos and ideas.  You can also follow experts, authors and bloggers as well for inspiration.

By pinning your photos you can get other people ideas how they want to see your wedding and you can organize your events according to your guest’s mood and choice by reading their comments on your photos and their suggestions. This is a great way to make more social connections and communicating your views and choices. This can also help you test your creativity.For more latest on social media subscribe to our RSS feed


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