Published On: Fri, Jul 13th, 2012

How to Use PS3 Controller on Android Phones and Tablets

Sometimes it becomes difficult to fully enjoy the latest Android high-tech games because of the lack of control. There are infinite games available on Android phones and tablets today and some of them are huge in size, have high quality graphics and have very complex gaming controls.

The extreme competition amongst various operating systems has lead them to come up with newer and better technology every second day. For instance, Sony Xperia Play is a PlayStation certified Android phone that allows users to play console style and PSP games. It has a slide out controller to give a better gaming experience to the users.

The Ultimate Solution: Sixaxis Controller Application

Not having the Xperia Play does not mean that you cannot have an enjoyable gaming experience. The “Sixaxis Controller” application allows you to use a PlayStation 3 controller on your Android smartphones and tablets. So no matter how complex the controls of the game are, you can always use a PS3 controller and nail the game. The best thing about this application is that it connects your PlayStation 3 controller wirelessly to your Android phones and tablets. No wires, devices or connectors are needed. Secondly, playing a game using the PS3 controller on your Android smartphone is also an excellent experience because you get the entire screen to yourself otherwise when you play on the phone; most of the screen has to be shared with your fingers and gets covered with your own hands.

Things to keep in mind using Sixaxis Controller:

The “Sixaxis Controller” application is available at the Android Market for just $ 1.65, and believe it or not, the price is totally worth it. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you download and run the Sixaxis Compatibility checker on your Android smartphone before you purchase the application. The Sixaxis Compatibility Checker is a free utility application available at the Android Market used to check whether the SixAxis Controller application will be compatible with your Android Smartphone or not. If your phone is not compatible with either the Sixaxis Controller application or the PS3 DualShock controller, the Sixaxis controller companion application will tell you so. The Sixaxis Controller application runs perfectly well on most of the Android smartphones, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and the HTC ThunderBolt.

Another important thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the Sixaxis Controller application requires device root access. You would also have to manually connect your device to your PC using the mini-USB cable and run the SixaxisPairTool on your PC. Once the pairing is done, you can use up to four PS3 wireless controllers with your Android Smartphones and tablets without any wires involved.

Basic features of Sixaxis Controller application are as follow:

Up to four Sixaxis and Play Station 3 DualShock wireless controllers are supported at one time

All the 17 buttons of the controller can be mapped to any key in the Android Smartphone or Tablet

The digital key presses can emulate analog sticks.

The Controller can be used with quite a number of various games and applications including famous emulators.


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