Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2012

How to use skype on iPad 3

How to use Skype for voice and video calls and chat on iPad 3

Your iPad 3 is in your hand. You wish to talk or chat with best pal, close relative, make conference call with colleagues or share your words with someone. Skype is there to help out with effective communication. It is entertaining, fast and convenient. Although, iPad is not supposed to be used as a phone, you can convert it into one by installing Skype.

Step 1.

Enable internet connection or Wi-Fi on your iPad. Open “App Store” from Home screen. Find and download Skype for iPad 3. Make sure you get the latest compatible version, otherwise it can cause disturbance. Enter your apple password. It will let you download app on the iPad.

Step 2.

After downloading is finished, install it properly. Run the setup and let it finish. Skype icon will automatically appear on the home screen. Tap Skype icon and create new account, if you don’t have it already. Fill information accurately. Sign in to your Skype account when it is launched. Enter important contacts. Tap a contact that you wish to chat with.

Step 3.

Press “call” button to make a call. If you would like to have a video chat, tap “Video call” button. Your internal cam will start working automatically. Once the other person at Skype attends your call, you can have conversation with him. They can view your video too.

Step 4.

To disconnect your call, simply tap, red phone icon on Skype window. It will end your session.

Step 5.

Signing out form Skype is also easy. Tap on “Skype” tab on the top right-hand side. A drop down menu will appear. Tap on “Sign out” and there you exit.

For conference call

Keep adding as many contacts to your Skype call session as you wish. They will all be able to have chat together.

Using headphones with iPad 3

Although, iPad 3 has built-in microphone and speakers in it. You can also attach earphones externally to have more privacy and noise-free chat. Plug in headphones in the right place and enjoy.

Text chats with Skype in iPad 3

You can also text chat via Skype, if you want to have a silent session. Simply tap virtual keyboard and type your message in Skype chat window. It takes about 3 seconds to transfer your text to the other person when you hit enter after typing your message or smiley. Whereas file transfer depends upon the size of file and speed of broadband you are using.

You will experience that it’s no rocket science, installing and using Skype in iPad 3. Once you successfully sign in, it’s all plain sailing making calls and chats with online contacts. You can do it as it is done in normal tablet PC or any other computer. Procedure is exactly the same. With external keyboard attached with iPad, click on “Call” button or disconnect icon, as you need.


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  1. nazmirich says:

    “Well I have to admit, I didn’t buy your iPad lessons thinking that I’d learn much, but boy was I wrong. I bought your course on a whim, and I was very half hearted when I started watching the videos. Imagine how surprised I was after I went back to my iPad and realized how many useful things I had picked up. Thanks!”

  2. Allison Keller says:

    I just read the comment regarding your IPAD3 lessons. Have an older friend whose not too pic savvy and bought a new IPad3 and is lost! I don’t see anything bout lessons. Can you send me info? Love to pass it along to friend. Please put IPAD3 LESSONS in subject!

  3. Meant to say PC savvy and can it please be emailed as I stumbled upon site, work full time and doubt I’ll find my way back here!

  4. Fred Morton says:

    When I Skype someone I can’t see that person on my IPad but I can hear them . How do I fix this problem?? Thanks Fred

    • C. Ramsey says:

      I have the same problem as Fred Morton. When I Skype on my IPAD 3 I can’t see that person on my IPAD but I can hear them. How do I fix this problem. Please e-mail me your answer. Thanks in advance for your answer!

  5. When will an effective, working version of a Skype for iPad3 app be available?

  6. Unable to hear now on was working well until last night.cannot seem to fix it.

  7. Huigh says:

    Got a couple of voicemail messages on my iPad. No idea how to retrieve them. No trace of them when I go into Skype on iMac!
    Lots of bad comments for Skype on iPad, haven’t seen any positive comments yet.
    Skype for iPad is a lemon?!?

  8. Pete says:

    Your first positive comment. I have an Ipad3 and use Skype internationally on a daily basis. It works beautifully every time for me, far better than it ever did on my PC. The cameras (both front & back) and sound are just great, not to mention the improved portability of the IPad over the PC. Perhaps you need to update your version of Skype.

  9. priya says:

    Whether the video chat will be auto saved once we end the session?

  10. Gesine says:

    Hi, I have an IPad 3 and are unable to install any apps because I am always asked to set the cookies within Safari “for visitors”. Well, I did this several times,but still receive the same message. … Do you have any idea??????

  11. Rob says:

    How to use iPad 3

  12. Bernard says:

    Can I get the version of Skype that allows multi person video on iPad?
    I can do this on my apple computer

  13. Wendy says:

    I’ve had my iPad for sometime and have used Skype on a regular basis, except now after an update request, I find that I can hear my caller but they Can’t hear me, does anyone have any ideas how I can solve this. (Keep it simple, I’m not that tech) the sound is on and I’ve tried playing with the vol: control,

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