Published On: Sun, Oct 21st, 2012

How To Use The New And Improved Siri And Facebook Integration on iPhone5

The long awaited iOS6 has been finally released with amazing new features. According to Apple Inc., 200+ new features have been added to the new iOS6 that will redefine the technology in a whole new manner. In the latest iPhone 5, ‘Maps’ have been totally upgraded, ‘Siri’ is much smarter, ‘Face Time’ can now run on your 3G networks, ‘Mail’ is much improved and ‘Photo Streams’ has made sharing pictures so much fun.


The new iOS6 brings you Siri in a way that you would have never expected to experience. The new and improved Siri can understand a lot more languages, thus it can be used in many countries now. You can now send messages via Siri, make phone calls, set important meetings, and even get weather updates. But this is not it, now you stay up to date with your favourite sports team, their scores and stats and your favourite players as well. Siri keeps you updated with all the matches and scores. Similarly, Siri knows all about routes and guides you when you’re driving so that you don’t get stuck in traffic and suggests you shorter and traffic-free routes. Other than that, you can even use Siri to know about all the famous restaurants in town and their menus. So the new Siri does not only understand what you say but also knows that what exactly you mean.

So basically in the new iPhone, Siri lets you know the scores, keeps you updated with the movies being played in your nearby cinemas, helps you know about nearby restaurants and even lets you make reservations there, allows you to check local weather, send texts, set reminders, schedule meetings, send emails, find information on the internet, set alarms, get directions, find a contact, open applications, set timer, track your stocks and even allows you to  tweet and post on Facebook just by speaking to it.

Facebook Integration:

With the new iPhone 5, you can easily interact with the world’s largest social networking website and stay in touch with all the latest happening all around the globe. You can upload pictures on your Facebook profile directly from the Camera, share links using Safari, update your location and check-in using the Maps, post comments on pictures using Siri and even share your Game Center high scores by directly publishing them on Facebook. Other than that, now your Phonebook contacts and Calendar will be integrated with your Facebook contacts and calendar, so now whenever a friend of yours will change his email address, phone number or postal address, it will be automatically updated in your Phonebook and similarly all the birthdays and other important events will be marked on your phone’s calendar so that you never miss a single event.

So staying in touch with your friends, and knowing about their activities has been made a lot easier and much more fun by the new iPhone 5. And the best part is that you don’t really have to make any effort to stay up to date with your friends and family, iPhone 5 does everything on its own.


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  1. Ankit Jaiswal says:

    I had a problem of using SIRI because of my English ascent. It does not recognize my voice.

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