Published On: Thu, Nov 1st, 2012

How To Use The “Remind Me Later” And “Do Not Disturb” Features on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Call Management Features

Whenever Apple Inc. comes up with a new iPhone model or a new iOS, we see prominent changes in a lot of features but something which had been ignored for a long time has now been improved in a way that we had never thought of i.e. “Phone app”. Ever since iPhone 2G till iPhone 4S, more or less the “Phone app” has been the same but now in iPhone 5 and iOS 6, Apple has made some massive changes in this application. The new call management features were also one of the highlights of the iPhone 5 release event because Apple users were looking forward to these changes.

Remind Me Later:

So in the new iPhone 5, when you reject an incoming call, you either have an option to send the caller a message telling that you are busy or set a call back reminder for yourself. Now you can either set a time based call back reminder or a location based one. If you choose time based call back reminder, your phone will remind you to call back the caller whose call you did not attend after an hour and if you choose the location based call back reminder, you will be reminded to call the caller back when you reach home, or office or simply whenever you leave your location at which you could not attend the call.

 Reply with Message:

The second option you get while declining a call is ‘Reply with Message.’ You can either text the caller or send an iMessage if the caller is using an iPhone. Furthermore you have a few default messages to send your caller telling him that you are busy right now and will call later and other than that, you can even send a custom message.

Do not Disturb:

This is an interesting feature added by Apple in the new iPhone 5. Now if you are busy in work or are in a meeting, you can put your iPhone 5 on the Do Not Disturb mode for all calls and notifications. It seems like the ordinary ‘Silent’ mode but it is not because you can customize its settings. You can put your phone on silent for a particular caller or a group of callers which means that it would ring for all callers except for the ones whom you have selected and similarly you can put it on silent for all callers except for a particular caller or a specific group of contacts which means that it would not ring for any contact but for the one that you have allowed it to ring for. Other than you can also choose settings in a way that if a particular caller repeatedly makes calls, your phone would ring, but if he calls you once, it would not. So this way you will be always there for whoever needs to talk to you in emergency. And you can even choose timings for your iphone to go on the Do Not Disturb mode so that you don’t have to do it yourself every day.


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