Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2012

How to Watch and Follow Super Bowl on iPad 3 and iPhone

Super Bowl on iPad and iPhone

Super bowl the biggest game of the year, the day on which the super bowl is played, now considered an American national holiday, second largest day for US food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day. The Super bowl has frequently been the most watched American television broadcast of the year. Played in 2011, Super bowl XLV became the most watched American television program in history. Capturing an audience of 111 million viewers taking over the spot held by the previous year’s Super bowl, which itself was holding the number one spot for twenty-eight years. Because of its high viewership, commercial airtime during Super bowl broadcast is the most expensive of the year.

Super bowl an unavoidable event, an unforgettable day, so is it possible not to take advantage of this national holiday? A good entrepreneur would think of a way to attract the audience, whether it’s airing commercials during mid-breaks or producing apps for live viewing.
Back in December, NFL (National Football League) announced that NFL mobile app for iPhone and iPad. The iPhone customers carrying a 3G plan must subscribe to Verizon video costing around $10 per month or $3 per day.

1)      NFL Live App

NFL Live for Verizon iPhone app gives you this advantage. This app has an additional benefit; you can select the choice of camera angles and in-game highlights, live statistics and other interactive elements. Verizon wireless customers can only avail this. This is a downloadable NFL mobile app from the app store.

2)  Super Bowl XLVI site
NFL also updated their website this year, For the first time ever we can stream Super bowl live from the internet, Complete with history, events, visitors guides, live feeds, trivia. The biggest advantage of streaming from the internet is that any Super bowl fan from anywhere around the world can watch it without the need of spending that extra cent.

3) Super Bowl XLVI Guide App
An official NFL Super bowl 46 guide app, it will keep you updated through maps and anything happening locally. Now if you decide to watch it from home or even work you will simply be navigating through the multitude of Super bowl events and keep up with all the social media buzz that will generated by millions and millions of fans out there. This guide app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available for free download in the app store now.

4 ) IntoNow App – An app from yahoo, this app automatically identifies the show you are watching and gives you related content, personalized recommendations and discoveries to connect to friends. After teaming up with Pepsi Max to launch a promotion, IntoNow app puts an attractive deal that if anyone watches IntoNow during the Super bowl game, they will give you a chance to win Pepsi for life. Visit the apple store.

5 ) EBay for iPad
A cool new feature arrived late last year on EBay iPad app called  ‘’Watch with EBay’’ which will provide you with the latest items on EBay related to the Super bowl game. You can also buy your favorite teams merchandise on your iPad. Visit the apple store.

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