Published On: Sun, Jul 14th, 2013

iOS7 New Features

Ever since Apple surprised the world with the amazing new features in the iOS6, Apple users have now been impatiently waiting for the upcoming iOS7. Coming this fall, iOS7 is claimed to be the world’s most advanced Operating System. The all-new design and features make the new iOS much simpler, useful and enjoyable, and yet the design of the upcoming iOS is expected to be extremely beautiful as the entire look of the operating system has been renewed by Apple this time. With numerous brand new features and enhanced applications, the long awaited iOS7 will make you and your device a lot more capable. So get ready to enjoy a brand new experience this fall!

 One of the biggest attractions being offered in the iOS7 is that of the Control Center. With the new iOS7, you would not have to go to your phone settings in order to make changes in the most basic functions of your cell phone, all the controls are just a swipe away. Swiping up from any screen, including the lock screen, will allow you to switch to airplane mode, switch on/off your WiFi, adjust your screen brightness, turn on/off the ‘do not disturb’ mode, and control your music player. Furthermore, the new control center also gives a quick access to your flashlight, camera, calculator, and timer. The new control center can be accessed at any time, during any application and even when the phone is locked.

Secondly, Apple users have always been complaining about the Bluetooth issue and how hard it is for them to share content with users sitting right next to them. So iOS7 provides just the perfect solution for this. With the new AirDrop for iOS7, you can very quickly and instantly share texts, pictures, contacts, documents, videos and even applications with just a share button. There is no setup required for AirDrop and whatever you transfer is highly secured as well because all the transfers are encrypted.  You have an option to make yourself available or invisible. Moreover, with AirDrop, you can send one file to multiple people as well with just a click. File sharing was never this easy.

The third most awaited feature of the upcoming iOS7 is its smart ability to multi-task. Pressing the home button twice enables you to preview screens of the applications that are open. Swiping the preview screen up quits the application. The intelligent iOS7 also has the ability to learn which applications do you use and when, so it can update the content for you on its own before you launch the application on your routine time. So if you have a habit of checking your Facebook News Feed at 10:00 p.m. every night or read the local newspaper online every morning at 9:00 a.m., the iOS7 will keep your content ready for you before you even launch the application, that is how smart the new iOS is!


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