Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2012

Laptop Buying Advice in Rapid Technology World

Technology at its peak is the most crowd pleaser, whether it was the release of iPhone 2G at its peak or the release of Grid Compass laptop in 1982. They all were extremely popular when launched. Latest technology has made their impact on everybody. Just like Microsoft’s highly anticipated operating system, Windows 8, Pre-released a version ‘’ Windows 8 consumer preview on February 29, 2012. The question which is on most buyers mind was whether or not to buy a laptop or wait for Windows 8. If you buy too soon, after the technology hits the market, you will feel your product is very outdated.

Buying a Laptop! What you need to know?

One would probably think that Windows 8 is software, and laptop can theoretically be upgraded later. However, Windows 8 suggests hardware changes that could be on the horizon.

Intel’s newest ivy bridge processors are scheduled to hit the markets anywhere from May to late June, especially if you’re an ultra-book buyer, then Intel Ivy Bridge is definitely worth waiting for. It is made to target at improving ultra-book performance and power efficiency, graphic boost as well as hardware support for USB 3.0 and thunderbolt.

Due to Window 8 sensitive touch screen nature, it could be suitable for a laptop tablet hybrid; many buyers won’t have interest in a tablet like laptop. They certainly should wait to buy Ivy Bridge’s release and the upgrade it.

So, why should you buy the consumer preview version Windows 8?

Listed below are the benefits of Windows 8. It may help you decide further whether you should wait to buy windows 8 or not.

1) Easier and faster web browsing
With all the new features and performance improvements, Windows 8 makes day-to-day internet browsing faster and easier.

2) Better manageability for IT professionals
Windows 8 has many new features, most of the features are specially designed to benefit the IT professionals, Including from Improved network management and deployment.

3) Storage Space
New storage scheme that is great for business deployment, as it can treat hundreds of disks as a single logical storage reservoir

4) The future of cloud computing
Windows 8 will encourage its audience to benefit from cloud computing simply because it has been made easier. After the installation of Windows 8, the necessary features of cloud computing will already are in place, resulting in easy learning for people who don’t know how. For example Applications like Facebook and twitter will be available directly on the operating system meaning that it will work faster and will be more convenient.

If a user is working on a file and wants to switch over to their Smartphone, they can easily make that switch, instead of saving their work, sending themselves the file & open it up on a new device.

The technology of the world is getting quite sophisticated and windows 8 help the average person adapt to all the changes. The new server also has a lot of attractive features for businesses with its ease of use and safety enhancements.

You don’t want spending your money to buy latest laptop right now and later after few months, regretting it that it would have been better if you had just waited a little more, and besides what you have to lose even if you wait for a while? If you don’t like windows 8, you can always buy the previous versions. Windows 8 is not anymore the same old windows it used to be. The metro tiled icons give you great user interface. You can stack your favorite things right where you want. Features like, face detection unlock or drawing a pattern on a picture to unlock it, are some of the cool gadgets it brings along. Further, you’ll be able to download tons of apps from the windows store and some of them come preloaded.

In the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for? If you are a type of a person who is not bothered by latest technology changes and is ok with what you have, then probably there is no use for waiting. But on contrary, you are a kind of person who thinks to buy a laptop that is in line with latest technology, then, patience will indeed be fruitful.

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