Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2013

Leading IT Certifications To Take Your Career To A Next Level

There has been seen immense demand and need for IT professionals and specialists in every business and organization whether big or small. Most of the employers look for and prefer professionals holding certifications as an objective proof of their skills and abilities to carry out critical IT functions. When individuals hear the word IT certifications, they immediately start calculating the money they would grab in a job by earning it. Some certifications undoubtedly entitle holders to earn a handsome amount of money but it’s not true for every certification.

IT certifications

As stated by Selftest Training, following are some of the most popular and top paid IT certifications so far across the globe.

  1. 1.      MCAD

MCAD or as it’s called Microsoft certified application developer delivers market recognition to IT developers specialized in developing a strong applications utilizing Microsoft visual studio. NET and related web services. An MCAD has the responsibility to implement , develop, test, deploy, and maintain department level apps’ parts, back end data services, desktop or web clients by making use of Microsoft technologies and tools. The MCAD certification is best suited for analysts, software developers, software engineers, programmers, application developers, and application or software specialists.

  1. 2.      VCP-DV

VCP-DV or VMware certified professional datacenter Virtualization belongs to VMware certifications which is for those who are working in the domain of Virtualization. Professionals and specialists working in the area of Virtualization are now days in great demand with specialists in the sector of data center Virtualization topping the list. In the competitive Virtualization market, VCP-DV makes a professional standout validating skills required for installing, deploying, scaling, and managing VMware vSphere environments.

  1. 3.      CNE

Certified Novell Engineer or CNE certification validates the skills and knowledge required for solving advanced and complex organizational support issues and high-end network problems. CNEs have the skills to successfully install, configure, troubleshoot, and upgrade the services for different networks. The CNE certification proves to be a popular and market leading credential for professionals specializing in advanced troubleshooting and networking.

  1. 4.      MCT

MCT or Microsoft certified trainer certification validates the skills of a professional to work adequately and effectively with Microsoft technologies. An MCT must earn at least 1 premier credential on any Microsoft appliance and should maintain that. MCTs are instructional experts which have access to the official Microsoft library, get discounts on exams and products, have access to the online Microsoft community, and can get invitations to various events and gathering organized by Microsoft.

  1. 5.      AIS:

AIS or Accredited integration specialist is a highly demanded certification offered by HP which allows a professional to validate his/her skills for designing, supporting, and integrating business class solutions to solve the customers’ issues regarding business requirements. It’s basically a storage works credential that validates an individual as an HP technician professional. Such individuals possess skills for preparing HP storage works related solutions for clients and can carry out tasks including initiating services and installation.

These IT certifications have been seen as the most demanded and popular credentials for employers across the globe and having any of them in your curriculum vitae would surely lead to a next level in your career.



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