Published On: Wed, Apr 18th, 2012

Microsoft Office 365 Sharing Feature

There has been a lot of buzz and excitement going on in the internet recently due to Microsoft’s latest release of the new software suite update which is completely hosted in the CLOUD. This really shows the users the real potential Microsoft is capable of and is a great milestone achieved by Microsoft in the field of information technology. The latest suite design is names as ‘Microsoft 365’ which is an interesting choice for the name as it is entirely hosted in the cloud. The ‘Microsoft 365’ incorporates in itself the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010 along with the cloud services in order to facilitate the business-oriented people and improve the database management, increasingly spreading across the world.

Sharing’ is an important factor that ‘Microsoft 365’ holds in it. The Outlook 2010 is connected directly into different social networks, hence making it very easy to share different documents, presentations in just a matter of seconds. The presentation can be shared by a dedicated suite for it called as the PowerPoint Broadcast Slideshow. You will be always connected with your work no matter where you are and whenever you feel like working again. Another plus point of the ‘Microsoft 365’ is that the application work perfectly well on the Smart phones! Not just the Windows phone 7, but also Android based phones, iPhones and also the Blackberries equally.

What more would one ask for than the facility of having to work right from your tip of the fingers and feel connected to your office regardless of your location. Thanks to the new ‘Microsoft 365’.


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