Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013

Must Have iOS Apps for Travelling to Norway

Summer is just around the corner and many fellow Americans are travelling to Europe and one of our favorite destinations in Europe is Norway. You must have installed some of the essential traveling apps on your iPhone or iPad that will make your trip more fun-filled. Here are some of the apps you should consider installing before visiting Norway.

 1- Berg-Hansen:

This app has a lot of unique and interesting features. Some of the features it offers are given below.

  • It allows you book both national and international flights in Norway. It provides you monthly schedule of all the flights along with their arrival and departure timings.
  • It provides a list of hotels in a locality along with reservation facility.
  • Most of the time when you are on the outskirts of a city it might be difficult to find any taxi nearby. In such cases Berg-Hansen`s new app is of much help. With the help of it you can find rental car offices and call for a taxi to pick you up.
  • This app also contains map of Norway along with fragmented details of each city

Cost: It is free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

2-Norway News:

It is a comprehensive source for getting news from around different cities in Norway from different news agencies. It will help you keep updated of all national and international news events.

Cost: It can be downloaded from the App Store at $ 0.99.

3-uTalk Norwegian:

If you are unfamiliar with Norwegian and are visiting the country for the first time then you must have some basic sense of Norwegian because it will help you through many problems in case you happen to be visiting the country-sides where people hardly speak any English. uTalk Norwegian teaches you basic daily use Norwegian.

Cost: It can be downloaded from the App Store at $ 9.99.

4-Norway Travel Guide:

This is an amazing app which provides all related information about cities, places to visit, entertainment events etc.

Cost: It can be downloaded from the App Store at $ 0.99.

5-Nearby Norway:

It is map-based app which gives details about different facilities and services and in a specific area.

Cost: Nearby Norway can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

 6-Norway Portal:

This app contains information about Norway, such as history of Norway, trip sites, different Norwegian customs and social events etc.

Cost: It can be downloaded from the App Store at $ 0.99.

7-Norway Map:

With having Norway Map installed on you iPhone or iPad you cannot lose your way anywhere in Norway. This will guide you through all cities and country-sides of Norway.

Cost: It can be downloaded from the App Store at $ 2.99.

With these Must have apps for traveling in Norway installed on your iPhone or iPad you will certainly enjoy your trip to Norway as they provide a wide range of different services. Although some of the apps cost higher than others, but still the price is worth the services they provide to you.


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    Please check it out and thanks for your support.

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