Published On: Sat, Jul 27th, 2013

Nothing Standard About Address Standardization Software

You might think some mismatches on addresses are no big deal, but inaccurate addresses don’t just cost businesses money—they also cost them repeat customers, reputation and good branding. An address verification application, such as QAS address standardization software, takes out the duplicates, runs queries for you and saves you processing time and money. Good address verification software can make a big difference to your bottom line, so check out the top five benefits of address standardization below.

Removes Old Data

Seems like people are always moving, for their families, for schools, for jobs. QAS reports that 17 percent of American’s move each year, so it’s likely you have the same households in your records multiple times. Data deduplication goes through your existing records and removes older household records, leaving you only with current addresses.

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Helps Get Deliverables There on Time

You might enter address data any way it’s presented to you, but this can lead to delays at the post office. If you’re missing the +4 part of the zip code, if abbreviations aren’t correct in the address or entire town names are wrong, you’re going to add time to your delivery. If you’re dealing with a time-sensitive direct marketing campaign, you could be throwing money out the window unless you use address standardization to ensure your address data matches what the post office will accept.

Reduces Call Center Resolution Times

If you incorporate address standardization software with your call center’s customer relationship management software, you’ll get quality data right at the source and reduce the amount of time your customer service representatives spend getting correct addresses. Many address standardization software packages include CRM integration, enabling you to stick with the system you’ve already trained your employees on.

Saves Money

The big benefit of address standardization software comes down to your cost savings. You don’t send out unneeded mailing packages, so you don’t spend money on those packages or postage. You quickly get a return on investment with this type of application, since even one large mailing campaign would have enough returned mail to make it pay for itself.

Reduces Waste

Even if you aren’t focusing on green initiatives for your business, your customers are going to be happier if they know you care about the environment. When you check your addresses for standardization and accuracy, you won’t send out mailing packages to addresses that don’t exist or people who have moved. This cuts down on the amount of waste that gets lost in the mailing system, ends up wherever you store old direct mail campaigns or that gets thrown out. Some direct marketing suppliers also have eco-friendly supplies to help more, such as biodegradable and compostable mailers, flower seed mailers and other innovative products.

Have you used address standardization software before? How did it impact your business’ bottom line? Share in the comments.


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