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OCP 11g Database Administration and Application Developer Track Certification

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The ORACLE’s OCP – 11g database administration and application developer track certifications are globally recognized. So far, 11g is said to be the latest and most advanced Oracle database. It is also considered as the most sophisticated database. Those who wish to strengthen their careers in database administration and application development can acquire OCP 11g certifications. Oracle 11g database is the most innovative and top level database product currently available in the market. It is developed to handle mass data and continuing needs of modern large scale business organization at high quality standards but amazingly on affordable prices. People associated with distributed database management system can also acquire OCP 11g certification.

Everything You Need to Know About ORACLE Certification:

OCP 11g is a sort of certification that can boost up individual’s confidence pursuing to make career in databases. In addition, this will also increase your earnings as well. It is a well-known phenomenon that in order to earn more amount of money; you have to make some extra efforts. However, if you are well qualified and having enhanced skills in terms of handling various tools, you can be able to handle any work load.

Nowadays, organizations are focusing on maximum productivity in the minimum time frame. OCP 11g is a sort of certification that provides you the perfect start. Let’s look around some of the fundamental course related information for OCP 11g certifications. This can give an overview of what this globally recognized certification is all about and what are the exams covered in OCP 11g certifications.


At the first place, we look around OCP: Oracle 11g Database Administration track.

Whereas, now we look around OCP: Oracle 11g Application Developer Certification track.


By acquiring OCP 11g certification in database administration track or in application developer track, you can easily compete with anyone at the international level. As you are already aware of the fact that Oracle is a world renowned IT based company. It is standing right behind companies like Microsoft Corporation and CISCO. It has registered very prestigious landmarks in the field of information technology against its name.

ORACLE Certification Scope and Job Market:

Currently, in the international job market, OCP 11g is very well recognized. Most of the top organizations prefer to have OCP 11g professionals in their IT department. There are many of the OCP 11g professionals meanwhile deputed at the senior levels in most of the organizations. Even though, small and medium scan companies also prefer to hire professionals having OCP certification. Therefore, having OCP 11g certification one can have fair chances of enhancing their career in the diversified field of IT. They can have bright chances of developing their career in the IT-related job markets.

The OCP 11g DBA and Developer certifications bring all about the professional level of skills and comprehensive knowledge to perform various tasks. You can maintain and create Oracle database. You can easily perform database’s backups and recovery. You can easily move your data. Also, manipulate the data in the database. In addition, you can be easily able to prepare database environment as well. The individual can be able to run Oracle database at its maximum level. OCP 11g is considered as the most respectable certifications in the overall IT industry. The person who acquires this certification can easily increase his or her salary and also can strengthen his or her job security.

 Upgrade from OCP 9i

For old OCP 9i professionals, there is a certification exam available, where they can upgrade their OCP 9i certification to Oracle 11g. It is Oracle Database 11g: New features for Oracle 9i DBAs. The exam name is IZO-055.

 ORACLE Certification Preparation and Resource Material:

Let’s move further and discuss where you can get effective training and course material for the preparation of OCP: Oracle 11g database administration and application developer tract certifications?

There are many resources available online where you can get preparation for OCP: Oracle 11g database administration and application developer track certification. In addition, you can get preparation material from the official website; it is Here you can get certification’s preparation material at an economical price along with exam details. This is an official website of Oracle Corporation. Even though, you can find exam’s topics as well. It is the most recommended resource for acquiring preparation for OCP 11g certification.

On the other hand, there are various online third party resources available for those who seeking for preparation for OCP 11g certification. Testking is one of the authentic website from where you can get amazing software for the preparation of OCP 11g certification at an affordable price. Here you can get sample questions, so you can easily learn through them. Another authentic resource that is available online is Examskey. At there, you can get prepared yourself for the OCP 11g certification exam. There are various IT professionals who have learned through Examskey and passed the OCP 11g certification exam. Examskey provides 100% guarantee for the success in the certification exam. Another online resource where you can get certification training is moniquetraining. Here certified trainers provide the training for OCP 11g certification exam with quality exam material. They are providing all the recommended training material for the OCP 11 certification exam.

Having OCP 11g certification in hand, you can easily enter in the diversified IT job market.




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