Published On: Fri, May 18th, 2012

Office Printer Buying Advice

Office Printer, Buying Advice

Today, there is a plethora of printers to choose from, which ranges from inkjet to monochrome laser to color laser. It seems that manufacturers are in arms race. Over the period of time, quality has drastically improved and rates have considerably dropped. There are different types of printers for specific uses. For office printer you need to make sure that it has all features and specs that you are looking for.

 How to determine quality of Printer

Printers are mostly assessed by speed that is evaluated by page per minute (ppm) and quality which is judged by dots per inch (dpi). The faster it prints pages in a minute, higher is its quality and performance. It means it should not stuck papers in it and instantly converts computer files into paper prints.

 Things to look for before buying an office printer

You are going to purchase a printer for your office. Since, it is not for home use, it should meet specific requirements so that you can get excellent result without facing any problem about print quality and speed. Be conscious about these factors:


Don’t just consider price for printer. Of course, you will have to count charges for cartridge refills, printing papers and accessories such as USB. Think well about all these aspects and then make a selection. Ink cartridge can be highly expensive especially when you are printing few papers a week because every time you turn on printer, it consumes electricity to operate.

 Laser printers are economical

Laser printers are cost-effective than inkjet or any other type. It is mainly because toners last longer than ink cartridge and it has lower cost per page. It is better to print large number of prints such as 200 pages every day then your printer can work relatively cheaper. This number is easily achievable in offices especially in case of large businesses.

 Speed and quality

 Imagine sitting in front of printer and tapping it to generate prints, taking out stuffed papers stuck into it and ending up with blurred text or images. It is very important to buy printer that prints faster and gives great quality. Laser printers are great for large offices and inkjets work well for smaller businesses. You can select one according to your requirement.

 Size and weight

After price, quality and speed, you need to look size and weight of the printer. Make sure it fits well to your workplace, like office table, floor or desk etc. Otherwise, it will surely give a messy look and hinder your routine activities if not set at a proper place. Laser printers take a lot of space than inkjet printers. Although, weight of printer is not a big issue, you should consider it because it can be moved from one corner to another. It is good if you get light-weight.


Sometimes, you need to have a printer on the move and can’t stop in the office for getting print-outs. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea to carry all important tools with you even out of workplace. You can get printing facility wherever you move inside or outside office. Don’t forget to take A4 sheets and USB to connect.








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