Published On: Sun, Feb 26th, 2012

Princeton University

Princeton University is a sub-urban, private institute was founded in 1746 with the campus area of 600 acres and it is the fourth oldest college in U.S. This institute has employed the semester based system, and tuition fees in 2011-2012 are $ 37,000/-. In order to create the equal opportunity for all socioeconomic background applicants, Princeton along with the University of Virginia, and Harvard have eliminated its early decision program in 2006. Its faculty includes the Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners and MacArthur fellows to support their students. Princeton provide the residential facility, its environment enable its students to quickly involve into campus activities.  Application fee is $ 65, and acceptance rate of this university is 8.8%. 71.3% classes have less than 20 students, 17.5% have 20-49 students and 11.2% classes have 50 or more students.

For every student 1 faculty member is available means 6:1 ratio, with the 90% graduation rate in 4 years degree program. 50.8% students are male and 49.2% are female. Rate of those students whose financial based needs have been meet are 59.4%.

All the undergraduate students have to write a senior thesis, which is a unique feature of this institute. Princeton has an innovative financial aid program for the qualified students in order to let them to attend the university.

Princeton is known for its famous computer science department which is leading the computing world and some of the famous names from Princeton in the field of computing are Alan Turing, Jon Von Neumann and Alonzo Church.Princeton university by any means one of the best technology university the world.


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  1. ADAMS GIDEON says:

    Am from Nigeria,would love to have information on your admissions policy for foreign students.

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