Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2012

Rumors About Mini iPad Release

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Technology at its very best, when your conscious of what you’re doing, Not the device you’re doing it with. It’s a more personal experience with technology, people have ever had. Apple is elevating that experience with dramatically improving the fundamental elements that define.

So, we have been hearing rumors on the news iPad mini for a pretty while now, recently news have been coming from china, that there will be a new iPad mini coming out very soon? How soon? Well this year in summer, around about in August.
In our opinion isn’t it too soon to release mini? Two months ago, they just launched their 3rd generation of iPad in San Francisco. If rumors are true, Apple will launch 6 million units ready to go, price ranging from $249-$300. The question on our mind is

why is apple making a mini version of iPad?

iPad mini is going to be 7.85 Inches, 2 inches smaller than the original iPad version with a screen resolution of 1024×768 meaning pixel Inch is 163 which happens to be exactly like the non-retina display on iPhone and iPod touch. Although mini might seem exciting, the late Steve Jobs may not have approved of such an idea. In November 2010 he said, and we quote ‘’ There are clear limits on how close you can place things on a touch screen, which is why we think 10 Inch is the minimum screen size to create great tablet app – Steve Jobs.

So if Apple does decide to do this size on mini, Apps will scale very easily within. One concern does seem to arise, if Apple finalizes and makes a smaller product, then all application developers could have to change their apps again to fit a different screen device.

To compete with the lower market tablets, or the potential tablets coming out in the future, For example Windows 8 or tablets which we have available now the Kindle Fire tablet. Mini iPad will be produced to strive against them. The strategies Apple is coming up with to win the competition in the tablet market is by cutting prices, Obviously there will be people arguing that iPad could offer a risk when production costs are not met with the selling price.

Apple rivalry with Samsung seems to also affect their products. Apple hyped iPad Mini will surge its size as same as Samsung’s Note Galaxy. So then the iPad mini will only be half the size of the ordinary iPad. A Japanese tech site, Macotakara, said Apple is currently partnering with suppliers in producing LCD 5-inch screen. They also mention the size of the resolution is about 1600 x 960 pixels or 1280 x 960 display with density similar to the new iPad retina.

DigiTimes recommended that Apple, which previously stated that a 7-inch display was too small for a tablet, might build the smaller slate to “cope with increasing market competition including the 7-inch Kindle Fire from Amazon and the launch of large-size smartphones from handset vendors.”

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  1. zainab ali says:

    i hope ipad mini comes out. cant wait. its so cute lol

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