Published On: Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 , Your Life Companion

A phone which is claimed to be your life companion in every aspect! According to Samsung, Galaxy S4 will make your life richer, simpler and much more fun. It will prove to be your companion in capturing the most memorable moments of your life, it will simplify your day-to-day tasks, and will also monitor your health and well-being. Hence, a perfect life companion!

Some of the exciting features include:

Dual Camera – See both sides of the story:
The dual camera feature enables you to simultaneously shoot videos and capture pictures using the rear camera as well as the front camera. So you do not need to worry about missing out on any special moment of your life, in fact you can now make it the “I was there too” moment of your life. Moreover, the varieties of styles in which you can take a shot have been increased as well.

Drama Shot – Capture every action in one photo:
Now you can take a sequence of photos in one frame and create a collage out of it so that a single picture can tell the entire story behind the capture. With the new Drama Shot feature, you can capture a series of pictures of any moving object and then put them together in a single frame.

Story Album – An album for every occasion:
Your Samsung Galaxy S4 can now create photo albums for you by sorting similar type of pictures together. It will not only organize your pictures on the basis on specific events but on the basis of particular locations as well. Moreover, you can even customize the settings on the basis of which albums are created. Apart from that, you can also apply various themes and layouts on your albums as well.

S Translator – No more language barriers:
Samsung Galaxy S4 proves to be an outstanding companion while traveling abroad because it can read and/or text you the translation of whatever you need to be translated. You just have to type or say the sentence and it will translate it for you. So, getting along with foreigners is much more fun now.

Air View – A new approach from the ordinary touch:
With the new Galaxy S4, you can accept calls, browse the web, change music, and view your pictures by just using simple motions of your hand. Air View (Air Gesture) enables you to enlarge pictures, view contents of the web and E-mail, speed dial, and shuffle through your music library with your finger barely hovering over the Galaxy S4 screen. Moreover, Galaxy S4 will also respond to your touch even when you are wearing gloves.

S Health – Achieve more for your health:
Galaxy S4 takes care of your health and fitness by tracking your workouts, weight levels, daily intakes, informing you about the current status of your surroundings based on temperature and humidity and by telling you how comfortable the surrounding is for your activities.

Adapt Sound – The way it was meant to be heard:
Galaxy S4 automatically customizes all equalizer settings, volumes and the balance details according to your preferences. Moreover, it also dials music up and down along with the right balance based on your hearing skills and the sound source. Therefore, Galaxy S4 provides an extraordinary sound experience especially customized for your ears.


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