Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2012

SOCL Microsoft Social Network

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Microsoft launches its Own Social Network

A software giant when acts upon, launching a social network, One would automatically associate it to compete against other present market holders. Microsoft on the other hand, has no intentions of doing so. has been created, by keeping in mind the ‘new’ factor! What consumers might not have experienced yet. Here’s a small review on what has to offer to the global community.

Among all the attractive and unnecessary fuss of Facebook IPO, Microsoft quietly commenced its own social network, Microsoft is not looking to strive against Facebook presently. The word SOCI is pronounced ‘SOCIAL’

So what is so different about this social network?  

SOCL home screen page is very much unique, light and has a delicate interior. The home page of assures the ability to allocate searches, uncover new interests and have a video party:

Sign-up to Socl: –
You can sign up to SOCL in either two ways, one way you could sign-in using your Facebook account and another way is through your Windows Live account. The best option is logging through your Facebook account, using this method will mean that will know who your friends are, and any upcoming events or invites.
Of course, this can be a good thing, but is new on the block and not many people will be using this social network anytime soon. So, there’s nothing to suggest.

If you do decide to sign up to pristine website, you will be given the choice to follow various subjects with your few friends.

An obstacle you will come across when using SOCL, When you click on the Follow button, it won’t do anything for you. Getting the page to actually follow the items you select might come across as an unsolvable problem. Pinterest, the very much recognized website comes to mind. After playing around you can check out the profile page and just explore the whole network. .
Stalkers on Facebook or twitter are pretty common. Nothing new in that! Privacy controls on Facebook are much more advanced then it first arose. So it was good to see that SOCL gives this essential option.

SOCL feed page invites you to type what you’re interested in:

As a new user, it might take you sometime to figure this site out. Typing in the URL doesn’t robotically add that to your post. Stories and images being brought up, after right-clicking on them, this site does have an essence of Pinterest. But it does slightly differ to other networks.

What if you want to share pictures with people you know? Well, you can’t. LOL. Like we stated before this website is a little different than others. You don’t have the option of uploading images straight onto the website. You are expected to upload pictures using a different procedure. By clicking on the “add link” button in the post builder to pull content from a hosted website. If you have your image online some where you can use add link to pull it.

That’s all the main things of, outlaying all the bullet points of this new venture. What we would like to see it that, whether or not this may become a social hit? Due to several existing social networks, will Microsoft become successful in grabbing attention of other users? Explore the service for now. might just end up developing into something further.



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  1. Alex says:

    It seems interactive with Search feature and Video party, may have got the idea of video from Google Hangout. Need to explore more how the search feature can help business? Any suggestion?

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