Published On: Sun, Jun 24th, 2012

Super Computer Race, USA Back on Number One

Years ago, China was awarded with the World’s fastest supercomputer title, beating the US, and gaining the first position with their innovation called The Tianhe-1A ‘’meaning The Milky Way’’ with holding 1.4 times horsepower then the current demanded computer. Subsequently achieving speed of 2,570 trillion calculations per second, However they kept a keen eye on their potential competitors, and the never-ending marathon to stay on top.

China’s Supercomputer, ‘’Tianhe-1,’’ after upgrading it in 2010, it become the world’s fastest supercomputer.

After dawdling behind China and Japan in this race ever since Tianhe-1 took away the crown, the US was waiting for a chance to get their name in the spotlight again.

USA back on Number One

Finally, This year, the US stole the title back  with their winning supercomputer the ‘’Sequoia’’- a device built using the International building machines (IBM), proudly gained the crown back from its rivalry supercomputer, With performing sixteen thousand trillion calculations per second, It is recognized to be one of the powerful computers in the entire world.
This supercomputer is so work efficient, it is to perform an entire year’s work in just an hour.

Sequoia has capability of processing more than 16 quadrillion calculations per second compared to the Japanese K supercomputer, with 10.51 petaflops per second.

Sequoia is Energy-efficient, consuming only 7890 KW as compared to other supercomputers.


Japanese Supercomputer ‘K’ hailed 1st position in 2004.


Why are these computers important?

These supercomputers are being constructed for the betterment of future, one might not agree, but these computers are being used for numerous reasons, climate modeling, earthquake simulations, stock market predictions and nuclear research and weapons development.


United States ‘’Sequoia’’ 16.32 petaflop performance

Japan ‘’K’’ 10.5 petaflop performance

United States ‘’Mira’’ 8.1 petaflop Performance

Germany ‘’SuperMUC’’ with 2.5 petaflop performance

China ‘’Tianhe-1A’’ with 2.5 petaflop performance

United States ‘’Jaguar’’ with 1.9 petaflop performance

Italy ‘’Fermi’’ with 1.7 petaflop performace

Germany ‘’JUQUEEN’’ with 1.38 petaflop performance

France ‘’Curie thin nodes’’ with 1.35 petaflop performance

China ‘’Nebulae-Dawning’’ with 1.27 peta performance

The performance of these supercomputer put together is 123.4 Petaflops, Increased by 49.2 petaflops.  The total of 74.3 petaflops in performance of the supercomputers put together when the last list went public.

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