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Technology Exhibitions 2012-2013 in Philadelphia, PA

1.  Automation Technology Expo East (ATEE):

ATEE are known as the top leading suppliers in computerization, glass casing the latest cost effective and high quality manufacturing equipment ever made, Ranging from Sensors to motion control to Assembly System. Consultations and discussions are a must to do list of the evening, comparing your own resources to the ones in hand. Or you could debate on a fair price, best options and much more. Visit the site below for registration to this event.

Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Schedule: June 18th to 20th 2013.

2. GLOBALCON Conference and Expo:

GLOBALCON Expo a multi-track conference which will cover every aspect of the recently significant issues regarding the developments of the pledging new technologies. This event is intended to company those people who are looking forward to educate themselves about the various technologies at hand today. This year the event will concentrate on the following things:-

A line-up of AEE-sponsored pre-conference seminars

An opportunity where one could walk around the cutting-edge technologies and services. Open workshops will also be obtainable in the 2013 exhibit hall.

Their website link:

Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Schedule: March 6-7, 2013


100 exhibitors from all over the world will be invited to take part in this event. Recent developments of railroad technologies consultations and discussions will be highlighted on this evening. UIC is like a global house with superfast speedy expansions, with 4000 visitors expected to attend this summer, and potential of becoming in the list of top 100 parties of the year.
Learning Visitors, will Acknowledge the characteristics of the railway business, infrastructures and many more. Please visit the site below for more details

Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, United States Of America

Schedule: 10 – 13 July 2012

4. Material science and Technology 2012 Conference and Exhibition

Material science and Technology 2012 Conference and Exhibition provide a golden opportunity to a large circle of people, to participate in this exhibition. This exhibition covers a wide array of topics including:

Energy Crisis


Ceramic and Glass materials

Electronic and Magnetic Materials

Fundamentals and Characterization

Iron and Steel

Materials Environment Interactions

Materials Performance

Processing and Product Manufacturing

Special Topics

MS&T’12 has partnership with ACERS, AIST, ASM and TMS. A large number of scientists, engineers, students and suppliers are expected to attend the expo to discuss the current technology, innovation and how to shape the future of materials science and technology. For further information on the expo visit:

Venue: David L. Lawrence Convention Center | Pittsburgh, Pa. | Hall A, Exhibit Hours

Schedule: October, 07-11, 2012.

5) Drug Delivery Systems and Packaging Technology Conference and Exhibition.
This expo is all about the gaining critical knowledge in the field of drug delivery system and the advancement made in the packing technologies. Pharm pack North America is one of a kind summit that brings big representatives together and gives thought provoking and presentations, helping people from all walks of life to benefit and increase their business profits.
For further details on the expo visit:

Venue: June 18-19, 2013.
Pennsylvania Convention Centre, Hall F, Philadelphia, PA


Medical design and manufacturing show. MD&M have been in the business of medical device development over the past 30 years. This expo will help you gain the insights of know how and expertise of engineering, and will equip you to compete in ever changing medical industry environment.
For further info visit:

Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Centre

Schedule: 17-20 July, 2013

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