Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2012

The Launch of Windows 8 Phone and its Amazing Features

It is all of a sudden on Wednesday, June 20th 2012 Microsoft has announced Windows 8 Phone for around 180 countries. This new Windows 8 phone comes up in around 50 languages. However, this has got mixed emotions among the mango users. All in all, it is truly a stunning variant of Microsoft mobile platform. The all new windows 8 phone is just an ideal choice. The ugly side is that it is no more compatible with any of the windows 7 phone devices. The current users are not impressed by this announcement, that is why there are mixed emotion among the mango users. The all new mobile device is expected to be launched in coming fall

Microsoft Phone partners like NOKIA, HTC and SAMSUNG are currently using Windows OS in their handsets like NOKIA Lumia 900, SAMSUNG Focus 2, and HTC Titan II. So, they are now working on new devices, which will support Window 8 phone. These devices will have very high resolution 720P screens, dual-and quad-core processors, near field communication chips, and many more function. After the announcement made by Microsoft on Wednesday, NOKIA is looking to work closely with Microsoft on this new project.

Here are some of the new features that have been included in the Windows 8 Phone

1-The New Start Screen – the new Windows 8 phone comes with a new and amazing start screen. This screen allows users to live with their preferences in the form of tiles. This screen also allows users to easily resize individual tiles into three different sizes such as small, medium and wide. This new feature makes the new start screen more useful than ever before.

2- Windows 8 Applications Portabilitywindows phone 8 and the windows 8 comparatively share the same kernel. How much fun you have while running all of your desktop computer games on your mobile phone? So in order to fulfill your wish, Windows phone 8 requires very high hardware specifications.

3-The Greatest Mobile Gaming Platform – the all new windows phone 8 is said to be an ideal choice for the gamers. As the boundary limit in between your phone and Xbox will going to be a shrink as well. It has WVGA display with multiprocessor support.

4- The NFCWallet–the new feature of wallet is added in the windows 8 phones for the users’ convenience. So we should be thankful to the compulsory NGC hardware in the Windows8 phone devices.

5- Internet Explorer 10 –the official web browser of Windows 8 phones is going to be internet explorer 10. It is working exactly like your desktop browser. It is said to be the most advance and modified browser for windows phones. It also supports smart screen as well.

6- Nokia Maps –the windows 8 phones come with integrated Nokia maps, even if you are not using Nokia devices. As Nokia maps are considered to be more detailed than the Bing maps.

7- Multitasking–now you can say after using windows 8 phones that Android and iPhone are no longer the sole Smartphone platform, as it is claiming itself a true multitasking platform. So now windows 8 phones will become multitasking as well.

8- Skype and Voice over IP Integration –windows phone 8 has come up with SKYPE and Voice over Internet Protocol integration. Users can now treat their calls over the SKYPE like the common mobile phone calls.

9- The Audible –Microsoft has recently joined hands with the Audible in order to improve the voice recognition and speech related capabilities of windows phone. So now this application is integrated by default with windows phone 8.

So the above mentioned features are said to be incomplete, as the windows phone 8 is comparatively new platform, so we have just provided an update to our readers.



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